“A Basket Discovery: A Feline Tale of Serendipity and Adoption”

A basket at the park was home to a kitten who was found and taken in by a mother cat and her six adorable offspring.

newborn orphan kitten

The story of kitten@fostercatsfordays begins with a pregnant cat who was taken to Animal Control some weeks ago. Although the plan was for the cat to be taken in by a local rescue, she gave birth to six kittens in her kennel before the rescue team could arrive. Fortunately, they were able to take the cat and her kittens the following day. According to Aimee from Be Their Voice Animal Rescue, the cat named Lucy settled in comfortably at her foster home from the very first day. She was so sweet that Aimee believes she must have been someone’s pet. However, the cat was dirty, indicating that she had probably been outside for some time. Lucy seemed thrilled to have a cozy room to raise her kittens and started purring as soon as she stepped out of her carrier. Her purring hasn’t stopped since.

sweet calico cat

Lucy, a dedicated cat mom with six adorable kittens (Pigpen, Linus, Charlie, Patty, Woodstock, and Snoopy), initially had trouble keeping up with their voracious appetites. However, with the help of proper nutrition and nurturing care, Lucy began to feel better and regain her lost appetite. As a result, her kitties were able to fall asleep on their mom’s warm and full belly, satisfied and content.

cat mom sleeping kittens

Lucy’s kittens began to consume more milk from their mother when Lucy started eating more. Aimee, the person who took them in, was showered with affection by Lucy, who would often purr and rub against her. Sometimes, when Lucy needed to take a break from her babies, she would climb onto Aimee’s lap and stretch her toes while being petted.

affectionate cat lap

Recently, the rescue received a call regarding a small kitten discovered in a basket at a park, along with a partially consumed bottle. It seems that someone had left the kitten there and abandoned him. Unfortunately, the poor little creature was all alone and left to fend for himself. After nobody came to claim the kitten, the finder decided to bring him to the rescue center for assistance.

kitten found in park

Rerun, a tiny kitten, was discovered in a basket at a park and taken to fostercatsfordays. Due to his young age, he required constant attention and affection from a nurturing mother. The caretakers decided to introduce him to a nursing mother cat named Lucy in hopes of improving his chances of survival. Without hesitation, Lucy eagerly approached the little kitten and began grooming him with love and care.

cat accepts kitten

Upon meeting the little orphan, Lucy wasted no time in taking him under her wing and providing him with the care he needed. “@_catz4life_ deserves all our gratitude for giving this precious baby a loving home,” Aimee expressed to Love Meow. The young kitten, Rerun, was given his name as a nod to the beloved Peanuts character, and was welcomed into Lucy’s family as she lay on her side to allow him to nurse.

kitten nursing cat

With joy in his heart, Rerun showed his appreciation for Mama while he kneaded her belly energetically. Before long, he was nestled among his new siblings in a cute cuddle group. Lucy was quickly taken with the latest member of the family and showered him with affection alongside her own brood.

kittens sleeping cuddle

@_catz4life_ shared a heartwarming moment of Rerun, their newest feline addition, cuddling with his siblings during naptime. As the youngest of the clowder, Rerun requires extra attention to ensure he receives adequate nourishment. Aimee has taken on the task of supplementing his meals while Lucy supports the others. Even though Rerun is smaller than his siblings, he has been accepted by his mother. However, he still struggles to access the milk bar, so Aimee has been feeding him with a bottle. Fortunately, Rerun has adapted well to this feeding method.

kitten bottle feeding

When Rerun gets his bottle, Lucy loves to observe him. She enjoys watching him drink the formula eagerly and then clean his face afterwards. Lucy wonders about Rerun’s past since he seems to be familiar with bottles, indicating that someone may have fed him before. She plans to co-parent with Mama Lucy and take care of Rerun together.

sweet kitten kiss

The tiny Rerun may be small enough to fit in your palm, but don’t let his size fool you – he’s got a motor that packs a punch and will purr up a storm after every meal. According to @_catz4life_, Rerun is around a week to 10 days old and his eyes are just about to open.

kitten nursing on cat

Rerun is thriving, thanks to the love and support of a great community and a devoted feline companion. He’s making impressive progress and enjoying plenty of cuddles along the way. With his large, loving family and two attentive mothers, Rerun has everything he needs to flourish and thrive.

kitten nursing on cat

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