A Brave Puppy’s Determination to Comfort Her Mom Despite Illness

Life on the streets is a harsh reality for both humans and animals. Unfortunately, animals often suffer from lack of access to food, shelter, and clean water. To ease their suffering, various organizations strive to help them through feeding and sheltering programs. One such organization is Animal Aid, which provides invaluable support to animals. Animal charities play a vital role in rescuing stray animals across the world. Animal Aid, for instance, ensures animals receive adequate food, shelter, and medical attention. Recently, Animal Aid received a call about a puppy suffering from acute mange, a disease that is notorious for being difficult to treat. The dog had lost its hair, making it vulnerable to secondary infections, parasites, and sunburn. Animal Aid sent volunteers to assist the dog. Although there were numerous offers to help the hungry pup, it remained wary of human contact and did not want to be picked up.

The reason for the dog’s presence on the streets was that she had recently given birth. The volunteer had to use various methods, including treats, to convince the dog to come with them. Now, it was time to locate and retrieve her puppies.

When we found Momma’s litter, they were all struggling with mange and poor Coco was in a terrible state. One of our volunteers quickly picked up the most fragile pup and brought her over to her mother, saving them both. Thankfully, Coco will now have an opportunity to start anew and live the healthy life she deserves.

The medical team put Momma on the examination table and noticed that her skin was affected by an unpleasant condition called mange. They prescribed topical antibiotic ointment and medicinal baths to treat her regularly, hoping that she would recover fully with proper care and nutrition. Poor Momma was frightened, but the medical staff tried their best to soothe her and make her feel at ease.

Coco, like the other animals, underwent a series of tests. She was found to be underweight and inactive, so the medical team who conducted the topical treatment on her skin gave her extra love and attention. She needed regular dermatological baths, but thankfully, the rescue facility allowed both her and her puppy to stay during the recovery process.

It didn’t take long for the dogs to settle in and become comfortable enough to eat their first meal. Momma and Coco were not accustomed to being confined and interacting with humans in this way, but the volunteer approached them with kindness and offered a delectable meal. As the dogs eagerly chowed down on their food, the atmosphere in the room became even more heartwarming, much to the delight of the volunteers.

Although the dogs were safe, they found themselves in an unfamiliar environment. Coco, being small and delicate, stuck close to her mother every chance she got. She could only rest while snuggled up against her mother’s warm body. It was truly a beautiful sight to see – the bond between them was evident and undeniable.

After undergoing intense therapy sessions for a few weeks, Coco and her mother showed significant progress. Coco’s newfound energy even allowed her to engage in playful activities, much to her mother’s annoyance. The volunteers were pleasantly surprised by what happened next. Coco closely observed her mother’s actions and mimicked them. When Momma scratched her ear, Coco did the same. When Momma sat down to scratch herself, Coco followed suit. What was truly heartwarming was that Coco never took her eyes off her beloved mother.

We greatly appreciate the amazing efforts exerted by Animal Aid in helping animals that require assistance! Kindly take a moment to view their video shared below. It features a heartwarming tale with an incredibly joyous conclusion!

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