“A Feline Friendship: A Heartwarming Tale of a Kitten Embraced and Loved by an Affectionate Cat”

The little kitten blended in so well with the cat who welcomed her into his family, and she enjoyed every bit of affection he gave her.

Shelby Thorpe, the creator of Shelby’s Kitten SafeHouse based in Oregon, received a notification from a TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer in early March regarding a litter of kittens. Unfortunately, the mother cat was unable to care for them properly, resulting in only one kitten surviving. This helpless kitten was shivering and in an unsuitable environment, so Shelby decided to take her in and bottle-feed her. According to Love Meow, Shelby’s resident cat was quick to welcome the new family member shortly after she arrived home.

Whoops! I left the kitchen door open while I was getting something and when I came back, I saw Polar, my cat, curiously checking out the new addition. I knew he would be a wonderful big brother to her. The kitten, Cleo, had fleas and what appeared to be an early stage of eye infections. So, I cleaned her up, administered the necessary medication for her eyes, and fed her regularly throughout the day and night.

Once the little one had a cozy nest and a cuddly toy with a beating heart, things started to turn around. The situation improved even more when she began to eat well from the bottle. Cleo, as she was named, was thrilled to have a satisfied tummy and no longer had to worry about going hungry ever again.

As the pounds started piling up, her inquisitiveness grew and she started exploring the area, sniffing around for hints of other feline inhabitants. The arrival of a new kitten in a carrier caught the attention of Polar, who couldn’t resist investigating it during the initial two weeks despite quarantine measures.

After a couple of days, Cleo began to explore her surroundings and learn how to walk on her own. She also became more playful and interested in spending time with other cats. Shelby made sure to show Cleo plenty of affection to help her feel secure and loved. According to Shelby, at this stage, kittens usually start to interact with each other more frequently.

As soon as Cleo received a clean bill of health, Polar was finally able to meet her in person. He had been eagerly waiting for this moment. The caring feline immediately took the young one under his paw and began grooming her face and ears with great tenderness.

According to Shelby, Polar is quite dedicated to his motherly duties. He has developed a habit of playfully leaping towards her and walking over her while she walks, due to her size being smaller than his long legs. Furthermore, during bath time, he takes care of her by holding her with his front legs to ensure that she doesn’t attempt to walk away.

Whenever Cleo is with Polar, she becomes ecstatic and can’t get enough of his love and attention. She enjoys snuggling with him and has developed a strong affinity for cuddles with her foster family, especially when relaxing on her foster mom’s lap.

After a difficult beginning, Cleo has made a remarkable recovery and is now flourishing under the care of her loving foster family. With the knowledge that she is cherished, she rests each night with a contented smile on her face.

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Reference: lovemeow.com

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