A Feline’s Adventure: Finding Companionship and Affection in a New Home Despite Missing Ears


After discovering a ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals, he quickly received medical care from a veterinarian. Unfortunately, due to the severity of the condition, the veterinary team had to remove the entire canal.


Potato is doing exceptionally well after undergoing a victorious operation, and presently residing contentedly with a caring family. In addition to this, Potato has a new companion and both are enjoying themselves by playing together daily, which is truly heartening.


Each day, the kitty without ears is filled with excitement to discover what new experiences await him. Fortunately, he has a caring and affectionate family who are happy to join him on his adventures. They have found the perfect abode for this curious little feline to call home.


Meet Potato, a curious feline who has his own Instagram account, curated by his caring adoptive parents. The page showcases his daily exploits and shenanigans, which they capture and share with their followers. In a recent blog post, the couple shared Potato’s backstory, revealing that he was once a stray cat, making it impossible to determine his exact date of birth or age.


Potato’s age is estimated to be around six years old, but due to his time wandering the streets, it’s difficult to determine his exact age. So, his family has chosen to celebrate his birthday on April 25, 2019, with some cake and balloons to commemorate the event.


Potato finds happiness in spending time with his companion Horlick and sharing all the latest happenings in his life. His family affectionately describe him as a friendly cat with exceptional hearing who loves to play games.


Check out this charming video showcasing the pure joy of Potato! Despite facing difficulties in his early days, losing his ears became a turning point for him. Thankfully, he now has a loving family who will be there for him through thick and thin. You can find more heartwarming stories like this in the Animal On World section.

Earlier this month, PAWS took in a mother cat and her five kittens with a unique genetic disorder called radial hypoplasia. This condition affects the length and shape of their forelimbs, making them clubfooted but is not harmful. One of PAWS’ volunteers, Ashley Morrison, met the family at the shelter and fell in love with them. The mother cat, who was coal-black and beautiful, approached Ashley as if she was ready to go wherever Ashley wanted to take her and her babies. Although initially hesitant, Ashley couldn’t resist their charm and welcomed them into her life despite looking for a break from her charity work.

As per Ashley’s account, every kitty in their brood comes equipped with an extra set of digits – even their dear mother was born the same way! Remarkably, some of these kittens also sport six-toed hindquarters. But, this doesn’t seem to impair their playful demeanor as they’re just as lively and spirited as any other feline. Meet the Adams family: four rambunctious boys – Ru, Skippy, Joey, and Marsupial – and one girl named Marilyn MonRu, along with their mom, Kanga.

Very quickly, the group settled into their new foster home. Kanga, in particular, was delighted with the inviting environment and spent ample time investigating every nook and cranny of the house. The children, on the other hand, were occupied with running around the room, creating a ruckus, and enjoying themselves. Among the kids, Pocket Adams stood out as the smallest, but he compensated for his lack of height with his adorable and charming demeanor. Interestingly, he got his nickname “Pochi” from the word “pouch” in English, which refers to a pocket.

Introducing Skippy, the audacious head of his squad. He’s a genuine champion who thrives on attention and can’t even imagine existing without it. His favorite trick is an impressive leap succeeded by a forceful strike from his ample hind limbs, which has now become his trademark maneuver!

The small cats were very excited. Usually, after frolicking outside, they snuggle together on a huge bed.

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