A Heartwarming Tale: Husky Finds Joy and Love After Surviving a Terrifying Car Fire

A husky pup was rescued by security workers at a Las Vegas casino after being found locked in a car with temperatures reaching 113 degrees. Shockingly, the dog’s mouth had also been taped shut. Police officers recorded the rescue on their body cameras, which showed the poor pooch with its tongue hanging out. A bystander and the security staff comforted the dog before it was safely removed from the car. The Las Vegas Metro department shared the video of the rescue as a reminder to never leave pets in hot cars.

The pooch was rescued at the nick of time as he struggled to catch his breath! The footage shows that the dog owner was apprehended right away once his involvement was uncovered.

The individual is set to serve time in jail for subjecting an animal to precarious conditions for over two hours without providing any sustenance such as water, food, or even air conditioning. A video of the incident can be viewed below.

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