A Mother Dog’s Struggle: Fighting for her Puppies’ Survival Alone

During the Christmas of 2019, a young girl came across a mother dog with her litter of puppies. Despite their bloody state, the girl wanted to help and tried to capture them. Unfortunately, the mama dog was too scared and the girl wasn’t able to catch them.

The mother, who had suffered from injuries or had a tumor in her reproductive tract, was given provisions for herself and her offspring to help her regain strength. However, despite the help, she still remained fearful of humans. The rescuers, a catcher, and a veterinarian were called upon to provide further aid.

Despite the challenges, they successfully completed their mission. It took them a full three hours to catch the culprits, but in the end, they managed to do it. The good news is that the girl was able to scoop up the tiny, flea-ridden babies and safely transport them in her car.

Regrettably, the mother dog passed away, leaving the young pups without their maternal caretaker and forcing the girl to take on their care alone.

The lady in the video is excited to see how much these dogs have grown and developed. As you can see, they are having a great time with their caretaker.

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