“A Tail of Perseverance: The Inspiring Journey of a Homeless Canine Battling a Massive Tumor”

Saving neglected or abused Boxers and getting them into their forever homes is a demanding task that requires the dedication of volunteers with big hearts. But it’s always worth it, as exemplified by the story of Dribble, a little brown Boxer who went on an incredible journey to find his new family. It all began when Austin Boxer Rescue received a call from a local shelter in Texas, asking for help with a Boxer in dire need. One of our volunteers visited the shelter to assess the dog’s condition and determine if it was healthy enough to travel to our vet clinic in Austin. Once cleared, we arranged for transportation, which sometimes involves multiple legs of the journey with different volunteers. After arriving at the clinic, the dog underwent a thorough evaluation, including a rabies vaccination and treatment for any immediate medical issues. Dribble’s story is one of many examples of how this process saves neglected dogs and gives them a second chance at a happy life. In Dribble’s case, he was rescued from a cruelty case in August, where he was found severely malnourished and underweight at just six months old and 14 pounds.

After being rescued from the shelter, Dribble underwent an evaluation by our foster coordinator to determine the most suitable home environment for him as he waited for his forever home. Boxers like Dribble with medical issues are placed with a foster who has experience in dealing with those issues, such as advanced cases of mange that require special attention and TLC but are not contagious. Once Dribble found his foster home, he received all the love and care he needed, including food, baths, and monthly preventive medications provided by ABR. For many Boxers, fostering is the first time they experience living indoors or being part of a healthy pack with other dogs, cats, or children.
Within a few days of being rescued, Dribble’s tail started wagging, and he finally drank water from a bowl, with electrolytes given by his loving family. He loved sleeping with his new family members and didn’t want to be left alone. After a week, Dribble’s weight increased from 14 to 19 pounds, and he began playing with a stuffed toy. As he continued his recovery, his foster took him on a short field trip to meet the outdoor animals, and with gentle correction, he learned to leave the chickens alone. If you’re interested in volunteering or fostering dogs like Dribble, check out our related links.

Discovering a Forever Home: Dribble Receives a New Name and Family
ABR encourages foster parents to bring their dogs to Adoption Days and other events to increase their visibility and improve their chances of being adopted. Due to the overwhelming interest and contributions generated by Dribble’s story on the ABR website, he was quickly adopted once he was available for adoption. His new family renamed him Dobby, after the cherished house elf from the Harry Potter series. “Dobby escaped from some malevolent wizards to gain his independence,” as his new family stated, and we are thrilled for him.

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