A Tenacious Pup: Born With Six Legs And Double Tails, Overcomes Mother’s Rejection To Embrace Life

It is unfortunate that many individuals are still born with unexpected birth defects in our world. Some are embraced and loved, while others are shunned due to their peculiarities. This phenomenon is not exclusive to humans, as animals also face similar circumstances. Skipper serves as an example of this scenario, where her mother abandoned her because of her unusual features of having six legs and two tails.

On the 16th of February in Oklahoma, a litter of nine puppies were born, with one being an Aussie/Collie mix named Skipper. Unlike her siblings, Skipper was born with a unique condition and was also abandoned by her mother. As a result, she was taken to Neel Veterinary Hospital for necessary medical attention.

Skipper is believed to be the only surviving member of her species, earning her the nickname “miracle.” Due to her unique combination of congenital issues, she has managed to surpass the lifespan of any other dog with similar conditions (with no evidence of a live birth in published research). The hospital made this announcement on their Facebook page.

Have you ever wondered what made Skipper so extraordinary and peculiar? The vets at the hospital have revealed that the reason behind her uniqueness is an egg in her mother cat’s womb that tried to split into twins but didn’t completely succeed, resulting in the birth of this one-of-a-kind dog.
Despite her complex condition, Skipper has managed to survive thanks to her willpower and proper medical attention. Additionally, the pup possesses two sets of organs from the waist down, but they are fully operational.

Skipper is currently receiving lots of love and support, with numerous individuals sending their prayers her way. Despite some lingering worries regarding her wellbeing, her caretakers have assured us that she is a joyful and robust pup. There is no indication of any discomfort or pain, and it is unlikely to arise anytime soon. Therefore, for now, there is no need for further concern.

Neel Veterinary Hospital shared on their Facebook page that they have no plans of euthanizing Skipper. They pointed out that there is no proof that she is experiencing pain or will experience it in the future. The team believes that Skipper will live a fulfilling and joyful life, but they are also aware that they cannot predict what lies ahead. They are excited to embark on this journey with Skipper.

You can follow Skipper’s journey on the hospital’s Facebook page, where more than 55 thousand individuals are already keeping tabs on her progress. Spread the word about Skipper’s inspiring tale by sharing it with your loved ones!

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