A Unique Pooch: Meet the One-of-a-Kind Puppy with a Tail on His Face

In Jackson, Missouri, Mac’s Mission, a rescue organization, came across a lost puppy and an older dog wandering outside in freezing temperatures.

But this is no ordinary pup – he sports a unique feature on his forehead that almost resembles a tail. It doesn’t wag like a typical tail, but it’s something that has left rescuers completely amazed and baffled. They’ve dubbed him Narwhal, the adorable furry unicorn due to the resemblance of his feature to a unicorn’s horn.

Narwhal, the adorable puppy, has sustained a foot injury and is in need of medical attention. The rescue team will be taking him to the vet for x-rays tomorrow, along with a thorough examination of his face and tail. Despite the injury, Narwhal is reportedly a very content and cheerful pup, and is doing well under the care of the rescue team. Thankfully, the rescue team was able to save Narwhal from the harsh winter conditions, and he is now receiving the care he needs to recover.

Mac’s Mission, situated in Jackson, Missouri, is a rescue organization that provides assistance to stray dogs and other pets with critical injuries or urgent special needs. These animals would otherwise be put down if not for the intervention of Mac’s Mission.

Although their focus is primarily on Pit Bulls, they are willing to take in any type of dog. They provide assistance to all breeds with special needs and even take care of stray animals that have little chance of survival due to a lack of resources from other sanctuaries and rescues.

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