Blindsided Kody Brown Thought Wives Would Never Leave Him

Was Sister Wives star Kody Brown caught off guard when his wives decided to leave?

The family patriarch treats his family members horribly but seems completely bewildered and upset when his wives leave the family. Although Kody shouldn’t be surprised when his wives stand up for themselves, plenty of viewers think that he never actually expected to lose any of them.

Kody Brown felt astonished when he realized his wives planned to leave

For years, the Browns proudly showed off their polygamist family unit. Few realized the situation was quickly unraveling behind the scenes. When Christine Brown finally left in Season 17, she kicked off a series of events that would lead Meri and Janelle to leave too.

And although Kody Brown had a hand in all of it, he genuinely seemed surprised when he was down to just one wife.

Sister Wives/TLC

“Why couldn’t he fake it longer to get more out of the wives?” one Redditor wondered on the platform. “The only thing I don’t get is if they wanted the income from the other wives or the show or whatever interested them about staying plural, why couldn’t they fake it a little better?”

The OP went on to say that Meri probably would have stuck around if Kody gave her more time and attention. Janelle probably would have also stayed if Kody didn’t force her to choose between him and her children.

“It’s not his ego at play here, it’s Robyn’s manipulation,” OP continued. “If it was his ego I think he woulda worked at it differently just to keep everyone happy to not be abandoned by wives and get more out of everyone. but she wasn’t having it…”

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“Kody didn’t think he had to fake it. Meri had no plans of leaving. Christine was indoctrinated all her life, he thought she would never leave despite complaining about their relationship all the time,” another Reddit user pointed out. They added that Janelle always acted contently in their marriage and never needed much from Kody.

“This 100%. His ego is SO huge he doesn’t know how to fake being a kind decent husband,” another Redditor replied to the comment.

Fans are excited about the new season, despite the time gap

Sister Wives fans already know that Meri, Janelle, and Christine have all parted ways with Kody. Rumor has it that Robyn is halfway out the door, but no one can confirm their breakup yet.

Fans are excited to see Meri and Janelle strike out on their own adventures this year. However, many admit that the delay in filming takes some of the fun out of watching. After all, Sister Wives Season 18 takes place about 18 months ago. With each new season, the series slips further and further behind real time.

Sister Wives/TLC

Do you think Kody Brown could have done more to prevent his wives from leaving? Will you tune into Sister Wives Season 18 when it premieres on TLC? The drama starts at 10 PM eastern time, starting on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

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