“Candy the Pit Bull: The Favorite Nap Buddy of Fluffy the Dog at Doggy Daycare”

Who doesn’t love to catch some Z’s on a comfy, plush mattress? Well, this cute little pit bull, named Edna, takes her snoozing game to a whole new level by snuggling up on the softest, fluffiest canine buddy she can lay her paws on. When she’s not busy playing with her furry friends at doggy day care, Edna likes to recharge her batteries with some beauty sleep after just a few hours of fun and games.


Brianna Gottfried discovered that the dogs in daycare often occupy all the cozy beds, leaving no room for others to nap. However, Edna found a comfortable solution to this problem.


Edna goes to the day care and finds the softest and most comfortable dog to sleep with. Other dogs don’t seem to mind her using them as a bed and they fall asleep with her.


Brianna Gottfried’s furry friend named Edna has become quite popular at the daycare due to her unique behavior, which has now become her trademark. According to Brianna, Edna has been doing this since she was a small pup, and none of the other dogs seem to mind. Even the wiener dog at the daycare, who is almost the same size as Edna, finds her irresistible.


Each day, Brianna Gottfried’s mother picks her up from daycare only to find her sleeping on top of another dog. Despite having to peel her off of her canine friend, Edna is a wonderful example of how loving pit bulls can be when given love, socialization, and training. Edna’s mother provides her with all of these things and more, evident in the adorable photos of her snuggled up with her furry companions. We look forward to seeing more pictures of Edna’s happy naps at daycare in the future.

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