“David Woolley’s Epic Clapback to Kody Brown’s Nacho Diss Aimed at Christine Brown”

David Woolley, Christine Brown’s fiancé, had the Sister Wives fandom in stitches with his sly dig at Kody Brown. The couple celebrated Christine’s 51st birthday by indulging in some nachos. In Kody’s memoir, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, he recounted a road trip where Christine purchased an enormous portion of chili cheese nachos, commenting on her weight. However, David’s witty comment proved that he’s got a great sense of humor and knows how to make people laugh.

Kody expressed his displeasure as he watched his date devour her nachos, finding her messy eating habits and rapid consumption unappetizing. He admitted that he regretted his thoughts and felt less attracted to her due to her behavior. On the other hand, Christine and David posted pictures of their fun nacho date on Instagram, with Christine thanking her partner for the enjoyable time. Their posts received significant likes, and Janelle showed her support for the couple’s dig at Kody with heart-eyed and crying-laughing emojis.

janelle brown appreciated christine brown's humor and shot at kody brown in her Instagram post

Janelle, along with Christine’s one million Instagram followers, loved her response to Kody. David also joined in on the fun by posting a birthday message to Christine, professing his love for eating nachos with his queen. Sister Wives fans who were familiar with Kody’s infamous nacho story took to the comments section to applaud David’s witty clap back aimed at Kody. Some viewers even joked about starting a petition for a nacho bar at David and Christine’s upcoming wedding. Sister Wives enthusiasts couldn’t contain their appreciation for David’s sense of humor and continued to flood his comment section. One viewer even poked fun at Kody’s infamous comment to Christine about a knife to his kidneys. All in all, it was a light-hearted moment for the show’s fans.

david woolley's instagram followers commented on him throwing shade at kody brown

David’s followers and fans are still showing their support for his witty comment. A comment by another user echoed the same sentiment, stating that it felt like a sharp, painful stab in the kidneys. This reference brings back memories of Kody Brown’s infamous outburst where he accused Christine of not trying hard enough to improve her relationships with her sister wives, specifically Robyn. During the scene, Kody became increasingly agitated, standing up and yelling at Christine. He gestured as if a knife had been plunged into his kidneys, exclaiming that he had made many sacrifices for their love, which had all gone to waste. Despite Kody’s loss of control, Christine managed to keep her composure during the scene. In a later interview with TODAY.com, she shared how she was able to handle the situation.

Christine shared with the media that Kody’s remarks had caused her to feel upset. However, she managed to keep her composure by centering herself, standing firmly on the ground, and taking a deep breath. She attempted to respond as she instructed her children to act, like respectable individuals, and many viewers of Sister Wives would concur that she accomplished this.

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