Destiny Brings Together Two Rescued Kittens to Form a Loving Family

Two newborn kittens fought for survival after being found alone and suffering. Fortunately, caring residents in Bradford, England found them and brought them to Katie Lloyd, founder of Bradford Cat Watch Rescue. Despite not being blood brothers, the kittens became family. Little did they know, fate had intertwined their lives. The BCWR Facebook page introduced Mr. Frosty on December 10th, 2018, captivating followers with his adorable fluffy face.

Just like many other stray animals, he was discovered wandering alone on the streets. The little boy was frightened and shivering due to hypothermia. Despite being just 2-3 weeks old, he had already been through a lot of hardship. Katie decided to take care of the newborn herself as he would require close monitoring for at least 72 hours. Unfortunately, the survival rate of kittens without their mother at such a young age is quite low. People often wonder why we don’t place these orphans with a nursing mom who has kittens of a similar age. However, we do not recommend this practice as it places an additional burden on the already struggling mother cat.

It’s not just unfair to the mother cat, but also puts her and her kittens at risk of contracting diseases. Some feline illnesses can stay dormant for a while before showing symptoms. It breaks my heart to think about how a cat has to go through the whole process of pregnancy and giving birth, only to lose her babies eventually. While one person was taking care of Mr. Frosty, others were searching the area where he was found. However, despite their efforts, they couldn’t find his mother or siblings anywhere.

With a resilient and grateful attitude, he persevered through the initial days of his rescue – as sweet as sugar and tough as ice. Eventually, he was taken in by another foster parent who lovingly cared for him. Emma Harley happily took in the pure white bundle of joy when he was just a few weeks old, requiring close supervision due to the fragile nature of neonatal kittens. As those dedicated to their health know, caring for these kittens is no easy feat. Hand-rearing them from such a young age requires a significant commitment, which is something that the volunteers at [BCWR] fully understand. These volunteers tirelessly work to save the lives of more than 500 cats and kittens each year.

It’s a rare occurrence to have just one needy feline in your foster care. Even during the winter months, there are countless cats and kittens in need of help. Often, they come out of nowhere, as was the case with Katie a few weeks later. While raising funds at a nearby market, a man approached her with a box in hand. He quickly explained that he had found an abandoned kitten in his garden and handed it over before disappearing as quickly as he had come. Katie was left holding a tiny male kitten, no more than three weeks old, who was infested with fleas.

Without wasting any time, they rushed him to see the vet and discovered that he had also become anemic due to losing a lot of blood. This caused him to feel extremely frail and weak and he was additionally plagued with low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. As a result, he was promptly placed under intensive care and support.

Throughout the night, compassionate volunteers remained beside him to ensure that his light continued shining, even if it was only dimly. With bated breath, they watched the hours tick by, observing as life gradually returned to his delicate frame. By morning, there were unmistakable indications that he was on the mend.
Dubbed “Lollipop” by his caregivers, he was transferred to foster care until he reached a suitable age for adoption. With his adorable, perpetually raised eyebrows, Lollipop seemed intrigued by the concept of a “family.”

At the foster home, he had the pleasure of meeting a charming feline named Mr. Frosty. Thanks to the amazing care provided by BCWR, the adorable kittens were finally feeling like their true selves and spent the following weeks discovering what it meant to be cats together. The addition of a feline companion was just what they needed to flourish and they could often be seen patiently queuing up for mealtime.

As the kittens grew older, the organization moved them to a different foster home. This is common practice once bottle-fed kittens transition to eating “slurry,” a combination of wet kitten food and formula. With longer periods between feedings, the kittens can be cared for by fosters who don’t need to stay up all night. One such foster, John Lee, took over and guided the boys through their next developmental stages. The kittens continued to thrive under his care, and their bond grew stronger with each passing day.

The moment finally arrived when the adorable boys were ready to be adopted. Although it was heartbreaking to imagine them being separated, the group remained optimistic about their fate. Was it possible that a kind-hearted person would adopt both of them and give them a forever home? Well, let’s be real, who could resist those cute little faces?
In early February 2019, the Wainman family came forward and made the boys’ dreams come true. Thanks to their decision to adopt both brothers, they now officially share a bond as siblings.

The BCWR Facebook page is bound to receive regular updates on the boys from their new family. To match their distinct personalities, they were given new names inspired by the classic comedy duo of old Hollywood. “Stan” was the perfect moniker for Lollipop and “Olly” suited Mr. Frosty, paying homage to the legendary Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Are these goofy cats often seen cuddling up, playing around, or just enjoying a cozy snuggle session? It’s hard to say, since they seem to do a bit of everything while holding paws. Regardless of what they’re up to, they’re undeniably adorable, so let the fun and games continue!

These adorable babies owe their lives to the dedicated efforts of foster caregivers who are always ready to respond to their needs. You can also show your support for Bradford Cat Watch Rescue by visiting their social media pages and website to make a donation. Take the time to read about the inspiring rescue stories that this team of passionate animal lovers have worked hard on.

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