Discover the Most Adorable Canine with Fluffy Mickey Mouse-Like Ears

It’s amazing how a combination of two dog breeds can create an adorable and distinctive furry companion. This has been proven by one particular dog that has captured the attention and admiration of the internet because of its big ears, which have drawn comparisons to the iconic cartoon character Mickey Mouse. Goma, the name given to this furry sensation, has gained a massive online following, standing out among the more common breeds such as labradoodles, goldendoodles, cockapoos, and puggles. Indeed, Goma’s unique appearance is truly exceptional and captivating.

Introducing Goma, a one-of-a-kind crossbreed of Maltese and Papillon with the cutest ears that resemble sesame seeds. This charming four-year-old pup has gained an incredible 75,000 followers on Instagram due to her adorable looks and quirky personality. Even fashion icon Vogue has taken notice, featuring Goma on their Korean Instagram page before she gained popularity in America. Thanks to her unique appearance, fans have affectionately nicknamed her the “Mickey Mouse dog.” In April 2016, Goma’s proud owners created an Instagram account to showcase their furry friend, posting delightful snapshots of her dressed in various cute outfits every few days.

One look at her and it’s easy to understand why she’s causing a stir! Her captivating personality has won over many hearts…

Goma has the cutest ears that resemble either Mickey Mouse or koala bear ears. It’s no wonder we can’t resist falling in love with them!

Goma, a cheerful dog, lives in Tokyo with her affectionate owners. She enjoys discovering the city while being carried in a comfortable backpack.

The caregivers who look after her have a soft spot for dressing her up in cute outfits, like this trendy kimono.

Despite having nothing but her soft and fluffy white coat, she still manages to be irresistibly cute.

She has gained immense popularity and her fan following keeps increasing. Her Instagram account has over 109,000 followers who are constantly drawn to her charm. She manages to attract new fans every day.

We just can’t get enough of this charming and irresistible face!

In case you were wondering, her tail is exceptionally fluffy and cute.

Seems like this furry friend has got the best of both worlds with its genetic makeup. The cutie pie sports a pair of perky ears that are just like a Papillion’s, while also boasting an adorable round shape that’s reminiscent of a Maltese.

She shines bright, standing out even in the midst of the most stunning views like the famous cherry blossom trees of Japan.

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