Discover the Story Behind a Beachside Dog in Need of Help for Her Newborn Pups – Will You Answer Her Cry?

At a beach close to Los Angeles, a pooch near a shrub howled for assistance in hopes of catching the attention of swimmers. Regrettably, no one came to her rescue, and she was ignored as people just strolled by.

While on duty, an Animal Hope Wellness Foundation volunteer noticed a dog that appeared to be in distress and made a decision to trail her. Not far from where the mother dog had been whimpering was a litter of four newborn puppies that needed urgent assistance. The puppies were only a week old and were infested with fleas and grime, jeopardizing their survival.

The rescue organization recently announced that the mother dog and her four puppies are now in a safe place where they can receive proper care. According to the organization, the mother is now able to rest and is very happy. The organization also shared heartwarming photos of the happy family.

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