“Double the Wonder: Russia’s Resilient Dragon-Kitten with Two Heads”

It’s quite uncommon for a cat to have Janus syndrome, a delicate condition that usually leads to inevitable death.

Rare: The kitten suffers from Janus syndrome

Uncommon: The kitten is experiencing Janus syndrome
A feline with two heads has gained viral attention for its ability to survive despite the odds. The charming creature, affectionately named Dragon by its owners, was born in Voronezh, a region situated in southwestern Russia. Although it has two fully developed faces, only one seems to be functional and mobile at this early stage. Veterinarians have taken on the responsibility of caring for the kitten, providing it with specialized treatment and ensuring that it receives proper attention. A family member told the local media that the kitten is frail and not very active.

Two heads: It appears at this early stage that one of the heads does not move

According to the latest development, it seems that one of the dragon’s heads is immobile. The poor creature seems to be struggling with digestion as well. Despite defying the odds and surviving this far, veterinary experts are worried that the dragon’s journey to recovery will be long and challenging. This rare condition, known as Janus syndrome, is caused by diprosopus.



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