“Farewell Frodo: The Sole Survivor of Michael Vick’s Dogfighting Ring Passes Away”

Back in 2007, Michael Vick, the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, had a total of 51 Pit Bulls rescued from his Virginia home. These poor animals were subjected to atrocious acts of cruelty such as beatings, electrocution, hanging, submersion, and forced fighting.

Although three dogs didn’t make it, 48 Pitties were able to pull through with bravery. Thanks to the dedication of various rescue groups and their loving adoptive families, these pups, who had previously faced abuse and fear, received the kindness and understanding they deserved.

Frodo, a resilient survivor, enjoyed a long life of 15 years before passing on December 18, 2021. Despite enduring a grueling year at Vick’s compound, he was spoilt like royalty for the remaining 14 years of his life.

An Oakland-based nonprofit animal protection group known as BAD RAP shared on Facebook the unfortunate news of a beloved dog’s passing. This organization played a vital role in advocating for and rehabilitating dogs, and Frodo was no exception. BAD RAP’s tribute to Frodo celebrated his bravery and resilience as one of the most beloved and cherished dogs they’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Frodo had a joyful life surrounded by his loving family and left this world feeling loved. BAD RAP expressed the dog’s last moments as follows: Frodo relished the massive serving of steak, while his mother Kim Ramirez, and her daughter Dominique wept beside him. Dr. Williams, thank you for taking care of Frodo throughout his medical needs until the very end. You won his trust by surpassing his expectations.”

Revival of Frodo
Throughout his lifetime, Frodo was the ambassador for breaking down misconceptions about Pit Bulls. His existence perfectly exemplified the significance of compassion and perseverance in the life of a dog.

BAD RAP, an organization with extensive experience in rehabilitating dogs rescued from fights, believed in the potential of these puppies from the very beginning. The organization firmly stands by its belief that dogs with troubled pasts deserve a second chance. According to BAD RAP, young dogs like Frodo, who have been rescued from acts of cruelty, require early socialization to become strong and fearless individuals. Frodo was only between 3 to 6 months old when he was seized by the authorities and kept in isolation for six agonizing months before he was finally rescued. When he was saved, Frodo was abnormally shy and fearful due to his traumatic experience. In a 2009 interview with The Mercury News, Kim Ramirez, Frodo’s adoptive parent, elaborated on his story.

Frodo’s aversion to mechanical sounds was quite pronounced. Even the ceiling fans in his home would send him into a state of panic, making him stare intently at them with fear. Even something as simple as opening a closet door would be enough to send him running. It seemed that the only thing that didn’t trigger his anxiety was the sound of microwave popcorn popping, which he likely associated with gunshots. While there was no indication that he had witnessed any fights, his family was certain that he had heard them.

The Ramirez family provided Frodo with all the love and care he needed, especially when his legs stopped working properly. They even used a stroller to help transport him around. Sadly, Frodo and Jonny Justice, two of the surviving dogs rescued from Vick’s dogfighting ring, passed away in October 2021. However, they were able to live happy lives thanks to the second chance they were given, despite their difficult beginnings.

When animal welfare supporters come together, they can achieve remarkable feats, as evidenced by the 48 Pit Bull Terriers dubbed as “Vick dogs.” Michael Vick, a former football player, was convicted of bankrolling dogfighting and confessing to the killing of dogs. Despite the unfairness of the situation, this high-profile case altered how society views Pit Bulls and demonstrated that mistreated dogs can be reformed.

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