Feline Discovers True Love Upon Meeting New Adopted Canine Brother

Meet Cinder and Bridger McPurr, an adorable pair of furry siblings who are always together and are the best of friends. These amazing animals are cared for by Mojo’s Hope, an Anchorage-based charitable organization that focuses on rescuing needy pets. Despite their different backgrounds and individual needs, Cinder and Bridger have formed a deep and inseparable bond based on their shared love of snuggles and affection.

Back in 2015, a generous hiker came upon Cinder and her puppies while trekking through the woods. This led to Cinder being taken in by the Mojo’s Hope program, despite her cute little pups. However, it was discovered that Cinder had not been properly socialized and was plagued by intense anxiety. Luckily, the hiker decided to bring her to the Mat-Su Valley Shelter, where she stayed for six months and received plenty of love and affection. After her time at the shelter, Cinder was transferred to Mojo’s Hope, where she continued her path towards healing.

Basner has reported that Cinder has thrived while in our program and has learned to trust us. Her friendly and compassionate nature was evident from the start, and she has since become close with her fellow rescues, especially the cats. Cinder has also taken on a leadership role and has provided a nurturing environment for new rescues. Basner praises her for being a wonderful role model and offering unconditional care and safety.

In July of 2022, Mojo’s Hope welcomed a new furry friend into their family – Bridger McPurr, a cute little cat. Unfortunately, Bridger was found outside in the freezing cold, and he couldn’t move his legs. Despite the odds stacked against him, Bridger was lucky enough to be rescued by some kind-hearted individuals who took him to Anchorage Animal Care and Control for immediate medical attention. Although it took some time for his legs to start functioning again, Bridger remained in good spirits throughout the ordeal. Basner reported that Bridger’s mood improved significantly and he is now doing much better.

When Bridger entered the foster home at Mojo’s Hope, he wasted no time in showering his new family with love. Basner noticed that he purred constantly and cuddled into her neck, which suggested that he had received plenty of care and affection from his previous caregivers. Due to Bridger’s affectionate demeanor, Basner believed that it would be a good idea to introduce him to Cinder. The two cats hit it off right away and formed a close bond similar to siblings.

Basner shared that Cinder experiences immense happiness when in the company of her feline companions. Although, when it comes to Bridger, she initially approached him with caution due to his fragile nature. Nonetheless, over time, Cinder has grown comfortable and now shows unreserved affection towards her furry sibling. Basner also disclosed that Bridger was immediately taken by Cinder’s charm and wasted no time snuggling up to her. For a firsthand view of their precious cuddle sessions, feel free to check out the accompanying video.

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