Feline Fanatic Busted with 55 Siamese Kitties in His Abode

The RSPCA has recently rescued 55 Siamese cats from a single home, where an “animal hoarder” had kept over 50 cats in a case of out-of-control breeding. The RSPCA is now searching for new homes for these cats. Siamese cats are known to be one of the priciest breeds, and with each cat going for £500, the hoarder could have made a small fortune. RSPCA’s Liz Wheeler stated that multi-cat homes often arise from not neutering cats, and the organization worked with owners last year to neuter over 1,000 cats to prevent hoarding. However, cases like this still occur from time to time. The staff is hoping that the rescued cats will find loving homes soon.

Animal Hoarder Caught With 55 Siamese Cats in His Home 1

On February 20, the RSPCA inspectors rescued a group of Siamese cats from a residence in Croydon. These feline beauties are highly intelligent and would thrive in a home with adult owners, rather than families with young kids. Some of them may be rehomed as a group, while others will require individual placement.

Animal Hoarder Caught With 55 Siamese Cats in His Home 2

The 55 felines were transported to three different shelters situated in the region – RSPCA Leybourne located in Kent, RSPCA South Godstone Animal Centre in Surrey, and RSPCA Purley situated in Caterham. If you are interested in adopting any of these cats, feel free to contact any of these branches.

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