Feline Rescue During Vacation: A Woman’s Heartwarming Story of Adopting a Stray Kitten Abroad

Hannah Shaw was taken aback when she heard the cat’s deafening scream before seeing it. Though it wasn’t a scream of agony, she could sense that the feline was in distress. Accompanied by her partner, Andrew Marttila, who is a well-known cat photographer, Shaw was vacationing in Peru after an exhausting trip to Machu Picchu and trekking across the Andes. The couple was enjoying a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood when they stumbled upon the cat’s cries, and Shaw, without hesitation, rushed to its aid.

Shaw recounted an incident where she saw a young child running around with a cat in his grasp. Though the child wasn’t harming the cat, he was holding onto it tightly and Shaw felt she needed to intervene. She chased after him and offered her help as “Kitten Lady,” a nickname she earned from her work caring for young kittens. However, she realized that perhaps she wasn’t the best person for the job in this situation.

With her small and snowy coat shivering, the kitten looked frail. However, as soon as Shaw held her, the kitten began to relax. Shaw believed that the kitten understood they were assisting her.

Munay, the adorable kitten, was not in a great condition as she was undernourished, thin, and had a fur infested with fleas. Shaw had some cat food with her, which she offered to Munay, and the little feline ate it up hungrily.

Shaw had a conversation with some youngsters who spoke to him in basic Spanish and they informed him that Munay was motherless. The kids also revealed that they had taken her from another area of the town.

According to Shaw, there was no proper plan in place for Munay’s safety and nowhere for her to go. Although Shaw wished to help more, she and Marttila had to catch a train in 45 minutes and were leaving the next day back to the United States. However, Shaw didn’t want to leave Munay behind, so she decided to take her along.

Shaw and Marttila experienced a wild 2-day adventure. Their mission was to sneak Munay onto the train, which proved to be quite challenging. The duo also had to come up with a plan on how to bring Munay on their two flights and safely get her into the United States.

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