“Fleeing in Fear: Exhausted and Terrified, She Struggles Through the Snow to Escape the Crowd”

NoAnimalBehind reported that a compassionate individual discovered a helpless dog struggling to move on the snowy ground, paralyzed and fearful. The dog was traumatized and exhibited extreme fright towards objects resembling bats, such as brooms. However, despite its experiences, the dog still believed in the goodness of people.

As soon as he noticed the issue, he reached out to a nearby animal shelter for assistance. They promptly transported the animal to a veterinary clinic for a CT scan. The reason behind her inability to walk was unclear, hence the need for a thorough examination.

Her name was ELLIE, bestowed upon her by her rescuer. The love for animals runs deep in the heart of this kind soul, and their latest rescue touched them profoundly. A new arrival who was left paralyzed, the rescuer showered her with affection, kissing and hugging her until she began to cry. It was clear that this was the first time in her life that she had felt such love.

After waiting for five days, the CT results were finally out and it turns out that Ellie’s condition wasn’t caused by a car accident after all. It was discovered that she was struck with a solid object, probably a heavy blunt instrument, which caused damage to her spinal cord, leading to paralysis. This revelation also sheds light on why she’s afraid of sweeping.

Currently, the individual is undergoing medication for inflammation and may require physical therapy to regain the ability to walk. However, after two weeks, there has been a significant improvement as Ellie can now walk again. She is making daily progress towards relearning how to walk.

“We went for a 20-minute walk before the physiotherapy session, and I must say she did an excellent job!”

Ellie is doing well at the moment and has even begun walking a bit. However, she still requires ongoing treatment in the form of physiotherapy.

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