“Foster Fails to Win Over Louie, Bob, and Butter: The Heart-stealing Trio”

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There are individuals who have big hearts for animals in need. These kind souls graciously offer their homes to foster pets. The purpose of fostering animals is to nurse them back to health, socialize them with humans, and aid overcrowded animal shelters. However, saying goodbye to these furry companions is not always easy. Sometimes, it is decided that a forever home would be the best fit for all parties involved. For Louie, Bob, and Butter, their foster homes became their forever homes because they found humans too good to let go of. These adorable creatures are now part of a loving family.

Louie, Bob, and Butter

How did you end up with these darling cats? Losing my 19-year-old feline companion was a heart-wrenching experience that left me convinced that I could never love another cat as much. But after months of deafening silence in my home, I decided to foster some kittens, as our local rescues were in dire need of assistance. The three felines that I ended up fostering were discovered abandoned beside a road in Texas and taken to a crowded kill shelter. Fortunately, Rescued Pets Movement rescued them and brought them to Colorado’s LOLA’s rescue, which is a no-kill shelter. I was supposed to care for the kittens until they were of a size where they could be adopted. I adored them more each day, and they quickly made themselves at home, loving one another. I couldn’t bear the thought of separating them or relinquishing them. After only a few weeks, I decided that they were home and that they would stay with me. As a result, I adopted all three of them.

Louie, Bob, and Butter

Can you identify these cats?
One of the kittens is Louie, who is mostly black and was named by her foster parents. Despite being the smallest of the trio, she is highly independent and quickly developed a strong attachment to her owner. Louie has a mischievous streak and loves to get into everything, always managing to do so in a cute way that brings laughter to her humans. Bob is the male kitten with a mostly white face. Although his original name was Rascal, it didn’t fit his personality. Bob was initially very skittish and anxious, as he was discovered in poor condition and malnourished. He followed his sister Butter around everywhere, but has since become more confident, gained weight, and turned into an affectionate little lover. Bob remains closely bonded with his sibling. Meanwhile, Butter has a white tip on her tail and was originally called Charlotte. However, as she resembled a little butterball, this name stuck. Butter initially appeared to be a princess but later on turned into a leader of the pack, with the nickname “Gremlin.” She enjoys wrestling with her siblings and sneaking dry food whenever possible. Although she will allow human cuddles when she desires them, she can also be very particular about belly rubs. Overall, the three kittens are inseparable, spending their time together sleeping, playing, and cuddling up in a pile on the bed at night.

Louie, Bob, and Butter

Louie, Bob, and Butter

Are there any other furry friends living in the same home as your dogs or cats?
No, it’s just me – their human – sharing their living space. Check out my other posts for more pet-related content.

Do you know what makes Louie, Bob, and Butter so special? Let me tell you, having three cats is an absolute blast! While most people believe two cats are better than one, I couldn’t disagree more. I never expected to be a proud parent of three cats, but it’s been an incredible experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a lot of extra work and it’s definitely worth it. Plus, I’m grateful that I was able to keep my furry family together.

By the way, have you ever considered becoming a foster parent? There are countless kittens, cats, and dogs out there who need loving homes. Shelters are overflowing with animals in need, and even if you only have a spare bathroom, you can help make a difference. I highly recommend looking into fostering if you’re able to. It’s a rewarding experience that not only benefits the animals, but also the humans involved.

I want to express my gratitude to the cat parent of the foster fail trio, Bryony, for permitting me to feature their adorable story and photos on Cattitude Daily. This trio proves that some of life’s finest moments come in threes! Also, if you want to see more of these feline cuties, don’t forget to follow them on TikTok!

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