“From Dog Factory to Forever Home: A Story of Resilience and Second Chances”

On November 5th, a blind dog named Benki was left behind in Lara, Venezuela. He was also missing his right hind leg.

Benki exhibited signs of sexual abuse, a common occurrence among male dogs from puppy mills, where the breeding parents are abandoned once they are no longer profitable. In Benki’s case, his abusers blinded him to prevent him from escaping and then injured him, resulting in the amputation of his right rear leg.

Thankfully, the X-ray results showed no major damage inside Benki’s body. However, his emotional state is a cause for worry. Being blind was a new experience for him and he struggled to find his way, resulting in loud cries. The veterinarian tried to soothe him by talking to him extensively.

Fortunately, he is an intelligent adult canine.

After spending a week at the shelter, he noticed a significant improvement in his overall mood. In just 10 days of training, he was able to accurately identify the direction of speech.

Benki, a furry little pooch, is now a happy and healthy pup after some much-needed care and attention from his foster. He put on some extra pounds due to a lack of exercise, but his foster is doing everything he can to help Benki feel safe and secure. They encourage him to move up and down the stairs at the shelter and give him lots of love and affection. Now, Benki is just like any other regular dog, living his best life with a loving family.

He is still in the process of searching for a new permanent home for his beloved pet.

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