“From Frail Beginnings: The Struggle for Survival of a Weakened Soul”

Discovered in a backyard all alone, a little kitten was discovered to be small but with a strong will to survive. A group of four newborn kittens were also found without their mother around. Despite waiting for their mom, the woman who found them reached out to Yige, the Nursery Coordinator of Orphan Kitten Club, as their mother did not return. A picture of the adorable felines was posted on Instagram by fostersxyz.


The tiniest one was in a critical condition, feeling extremely cold and unenergetic. Yige did everything she could to save him by placing him on a warming pad inside her vehicle, hoping for the best outcome.


Denim, a delicate and fragile being, had a challenging journey. He was on the verge of death and needed life support. However, after three days, he displayed some positive changes, giving Yige, his caregiver, a sense of relief. In other news, a cute, fluffy cat lounging in the sun caught someone’s attention. Meanwhile, a poor little kitten with a unique coat color was left waiting for a new home while all his siblings found theirs.


Denim has had quite a journey so far, experiencing both good and bad times. However, he managed to survive and reach the one-week mark, impressively increasing his intake weight. When he turned two weeks old, he opened his eyes for the first time and reached the same weight and size as his sisters, Chinelle and Velvet.


Denim was able to fully recover with the constant support of his brother Corduroy, who stood out from his siblings for being 20% larger. However, Denim’s life took a drastic turn as things started changing rapidly. Since the beginning, the chances of survival for them all seemed uncertain due to their frail and bony bodies.

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