“From Fur Coat to Forever Home: One Woman’s decision to Adopt Sable instead of Supporting the Fur Industry”

While browsing the internet, Zhenya stumbled upon a snapshot of a free-spirited sable that instantly caught her eye, and she couldn’t resist its charm.

The sable, renowned for its luxurious and pricey fur, was unfortunately the next target for the killing spree at a fur farm in Russia.

Zhenya embarked on a mission to rescue the lovable little animal, expressing to us:

After some time, I came across an opportunity to buy her from a fur farm. If I hadn’t stepped in, she would have met a tragic end there. But fortunately, I was able to rescue the little one.

After giving it a thought, she decided to call the Sabel umora. Their relationship flourished quickly as they got comfortable with each other’s company and started enjoying every moment of their lives together.

Umora is known for having a difficult personality. The experience of living at the fur farm had a significant impact on her, causing her to be emotionally charged and occasionally even agitated.

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