From Kill-list to Happily Ever After: Four Elderly and Toothless Chihuahuas Find a Loving Home Together

When Julie Docherty relocated to Los Angeles, she wasn’t sure about getting a pet right away. She realized that owning a pet required a lot of time and effort and she was still getting used to her new environment. As an alternative, she decided to volunteer at a local shelter where she could walk dogs. But things didn’t go as planned for Julie because she ended up falling in love with an 11-year-old Chihuahua named MoMo during her first visit to the shelter. Ultimately, Julie adopted MoMo and took him home with her.

On her Instagram page, Jem and the Misfits, a woman named Julie shared that she recently adopted three larger chihuahuas. She chose to adopt them after learning that many senior chihuahuas are in need of homes. Julie also shared that her four chihuahuas, Benito, MoMo, Choli, and Paloma, are all toothless but still perfect in every way.

Jem and the Misfits, a group of four senior Chihuahuas, enjoy each other’s company and spend their days lounging in the sun and snoozing together. Their owner, Julie, is a kind-hearted person who takes in older dogs to provide them with a loving and permanent home for their golden years.

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