From Marketing Prop to Loving Pet: The Heartwarming Story of a Blind Dog Finding a Forever Home

When they discovered Nina, she was in a critical condition—malnourished and with eye problems. It’s likely that Nina was exploited for breeding and the sale of her young ones. However, that’s all in the past now, and Nina is happy and satisfied.

Nina, a dog who had been through a lot in her life, was rescued just in time before it was too late. She had always been used to having puppies and then being sold, causing her to suffer from separation anxiety. In addition to this, she had also been neglected and was severely underweight with damaged eyes. Fortunately, ThisisHouston came to her rescue and took her to a vet who removed her eyes to prevent further damage. Despite her sad start in life, Nina eventually became a happy and lively dog.

The condition of this cute dog was getting better, but unfortunately, her heart was shattered when two different families tested her for adoption twice, and none of them took her home. However, the saying “third time’s the charm” proved to be true in her case, and a happy ending was waiting for her.

ThisisHouston, a group dedicated to rescuing animals, reported that Nina was found on a bridge in Rosenberg, Texas. When passersby noticed her, they were hesitant to approach because of her weak and motionless appearance – some even thought she had passed away. A rescuer was then contacted to assess the situation.

It was quite astonishing to find out that Nina had not been sterilized as previously assumed. Upon further examination, it was discovered that she had actually been used as a surrogate for multiple children, despite her severe malnutrition and infected eyes. The decision was made to leave her on the bridge once she fell ill, in order to provide the best possible care for her. Due to her poor health, Nina had to undergo surgery to remove her infected eyes. However, within a span of two months, her life was completely transformed. Her volunteers were enamored with her unwavering determination and sense of purpose.

Just like the family who took her in, this adorable pooch received love and care from a loving family which was crucial for her well-being and accomplishments. Despite being stubborn at times, she still managed to win over the hearts of her foster parents. While there were two potential homes for her, neither worked out, until she found the perfect match with her current temporary family. Sadly, they will have to say goodbye to their beloved Nina who they adored and will surely miss dearly.

Despite the frequent updates they received and the knowledge that their puppy would soon be in good hands, it was a heartbreaking decision for Nina’s adoptive parents to let her go for the third time. However, they found solace in the fact that by doing so, they could help another dog in need. The foundation expressed their joy for Nina and her happy ending. It’s a testament to her resilience and unyielding love despite going through so much suffering at the hands of humans who failed to appreciate her worth.

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