From Miserable to Happy: The Transformation of a Cat Who Reported Suspected Abuse

The cat’s appearance has been transformed so much that one might question if it was mistreated in the past. This noticeable change has caught the interest of many people. Kara, who is an advocate for animal rights, recently shared about Jinsook, a feline under her care at the Kara The Bom Center.

Jinsook is a beautiful tricolored feline with a pair of soft round eyes and smooth fur. She takes pride in her youthful appearance and looks ageless despite being approximately 8 years old. However, a few weeks ago, something very traumatizing happened to her that left her in a dire state. Kara received an emergency call from Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do about a cat with a rope tightly wrapped around its neck and a bloodstained eye, indicating that it had been pierced by something sharp. Seeing the picture of the poor creature, it appeared as if it was bleeding from the face due to the abuse it had gone through. The animal activists instantly rushed to the location, which was a factory area with minimal people, and they were able to find the cat easily. It was in such a miserable condition; only bones were visible, and it couldn’t move due to severe stomatitis. It seemed as if it wouldn’t last much longer.

Initially, I didn’t expect much, but to my surprise, the cat responded to the presence of a stranger and made an effort to move. We enticed it with food, caught it, and took it to the vet hospital. The diagnosis revealed severe dehydration due to stomatitis and starvation, which left the cat in a terrible state.
Luckily, no signs of abuse were detected, and the string that seemed to be around its neck turned out to be small tapes tangled in its fur. The most astonishing thing happened when a human touch was introduced – the cat began to transform, and after about a month, we witnessed its true tricolour beauty.
We decided to name the cat Jinsook.

According to Kara, there is a significant increase in the number of stray cats that suffer from stomatitis in every locality. Despite this, Kara intends to take care of Jinsook, a cat with a wild nature that requires time to regain energy and find her family. However, due to her weakened physical condition, radiation treatment is not viable for Jinsook.

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