“From Pet to Pawsome: Maggie’s Journey as a Therapy Dog”

Maggie, a brave 5-year-old pooch, has defied the odds and found her forever home despite experiencing unimaginable cruelty. Her incredible story began in Lebanon, where she was found tied up with one ear missing and a broken jaw. Tragically, Maggie was pregnant when she was subjected to torture and shot 17 times with a shotgun, rendering her completely blind. It’s truly a miracle that she survived such trauma. But despite all of this, Maggie is a fighter and has now become a registered therapy dog, bringing joy and comfort to those who need it most. She is an inspiration to us all.

In Lebanon, a forlorn dog caught the attention of a passerby who made a cry for help on social media. A kind-hearted woman from London came across the post and reached out to The Wild At Heart Foundation for support. Thanks to their efforts, Maggie’s life was saved. However, she had to undergo several surgeries and treatments before being ready for adoption. Eventually, she found her forever home in Brighton, England.

At 25 years old, Kasey Carlin is the proud owner of Maggie, a famous internet sensation on Instagram boasting over 248,000 followers. Kasey left her job at a dog-care facility to focus solely on managing Maggie’s social media presence. According to Kasey, Maggie has taught her and countless others valuable life lessons that we often overlook. These lessons include not judging a book by its cover, the power of love, humility, living life to the fullest, serving others, creating your own happiness, and believing in yourself. Every day, Maggie continues to inspire Kasey to strive for self-improvement and success.

Maggie recently became a certified therapy dog, spreading joy and comfort at hospitals, nursing homes, and universities. Her peaceful demeanor and infectious happiness have made her a crowd favorite everywhere she goes. Not only has Maggie won over the hearts of those she visits, but also her owners and their other furry companion, Mishka, at home.

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