From Unwanted to Unstoppable: The Story of a Dog Who Cares for Sick and Abandoned Pets

Sherio has faced many challenges throughout his life, but he has managed to maintain a positive attitude and a kind heart. Despite the hardships he has endured, this adorable pup has chosen to provide a sense of safety and solace to other foster animals. Sherio understands firsthand how intimidating it can be to find yourself in an unfamiliar environment. While he is now fortunate enough to have a caring and nurturing home, this was not always the case for him.

Meet Sherio, an adorable dog who faces a unique challenge of being both deaf and partially blind. Due to his condition, he has had a difficult time finding a permanent home. He has spent time in multiple shelters, a dozen foster homes, and has been adopted four times, only to be returned each time.

After a long search, he eventually found love and acceptance in the arms of Sheryl Smith. Despite his disabilities, she saw past them and embraced him for who he was. Smith had a heart for caring for animals in need and Sherio, a furry friend she met, was no exception. She decided to adopt him and since then, Sherio has been filled with joy and a newfound purpose. He strives to pay it forward by helping other animals that Smith fosters in their home. Sherio is grateful for finally finding a family that loves and accepts him, disabilities included.

Sherio goes above and beyond to provide a sense of security and affection to animals in need. With his gentle licks and loving kisses, he strives to offer solace and support.

During an interview with the Dodo, Smith mentioned that after he rescued a pregnant dog who was unable to care for her puppies, Sherio joined in and started cleaning them. Since then, he has repeated this behavior with all the rescues Smith takes in, patiently sitting with feral cats and kittens and bonding with them to the extent that they trust him even before they trust Smith.

Sherio’s deep concern for the animals he fosters is understandable given his own history. He has been in their position numerous times, and it’s a situation he knows all too well. While he now has a permanent home where he is safe and secure, his past experiences have left him with separation anxiety that he still grapples with. According to Smith, Sherio often cries when he’s in the car because he fears being abandoned. Nevertheless, Smith and her family are working hard to help him overcome these issues and build his self-assurance.

In the meantime, Sherio has become a source of strength for numerous animals in need. Smith recently rescued a feral kitten named Tiny Tolley who was in dire need of medical attention. Due to being sick and malnourished, this tiny kitten was on the verge of death. However, Smith’s decision to take her in and nurse her back to health potentially saved her life. Sherio, being the loyal companion he is, stood by the kitten’s side throughout her recovery period. As Tiny Tolley’s health improved, she was allowed to explore her new surroundings, and Sherio greeted her with a few big, slobbery kisses. Though it is uncertain if these kisses were appreciated, his presence and affection certainly were.

Sherio has turned his past struggles into something positive by utilizing his experiences to improve the lives of the animals he encounters, rather than allowing his previous sorrows to tarnish his new life. Despite facing ongoing challenges with anxiety, his love and compassion are shining brighter and making a positive impact. We take great pride in Sherio’s progress and are delighted that he has found a loving family who will always remind him that he is safe, cherished and has a permanent place in their hearts and home.

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