“Heroic Virginia Canine Saves Drowning Fawn and Remains Loyal Companion”

On the evening of June 2, Ralph Dorn went out to look for his beloved Goldendoodle, Harley, by scanning the surface of the lake behind his home. After some time, Dorn was able to spot Harley swimming with another creature about 200 feet away from shore. Upon closer inspection, Dorn realized that Harley was swimming with a baby deer.

Dorn, a resident of Culpeper, Virginia, shared a viral Facebook post about a remarkable incident involving Harley, his dog, and a fawn. In the post, he expressed his surprise about how the fawn ended up in their vicinity, but Harley did not hesitate to come to the rescue. The post has gained immense popularity with over 250,000 shares.

As they approached the shore, Harley swam alongside the small fawn, ensuring its safety. Meanwhile, Dorn met them on land and helped the fawn maneuver a steep cliff. Once safely on the grass, Harley showed her affection by tenderly licking the young deer’s body.

According to Dorn, Harley showed reluctance in leaving the fawn as he kept on licking and taking care of it. Fortunately, the fawn’s mother arrived shortly after it was taken to the sea. Dorn noticed the mother deer and immediately brought Harley inside their nearby house. The doe and her offspring left the premises after Dorn and Harley were gone.

The following day, while Dorn and his partner Patricia, who is 64 years old, were enjoying a cup of coffee, they noticed that something was off.

As he dashed around the room, Harley seemed to be growing increasingly restless. According to a Facebook post by Dorn, as soon as they opened the front door, the bleating of a fawn could be heard.

As per the account, Harley dashed towards the cluster of trees and eventually caught sight of a young fawn. The fawn ceased its cries and happily wagged its tail as the two animals approached each other and gently sniffed one another. Afterwards, Harley and his companion strolled back to the house without any incident.

According to Dorn, he had a short reunion with Harley and the fawn. After the meeting, the baby deer calmed down, and by the end of the day, they both disappeared. Dorn hasn’t had the chance to see them again since he estimated the fawn was only a few days old.

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