Hilarious Feline Antics: Owners Share Their Cats’ Crazy and Unexpected Behavior on Twitter

It’s safe to say that the internet has been taken over by cats. Everywhere you look, there are pictures and videos of these adorable creatures, and at Bored Panda, we’re no exception. From cute cat photos to hilarious memes, we just can’t get enough! One thing we love about our feline friends is their curious and sometimes odd behavior. It can be a mystery trying to figure out what they’re up to or why they insist on sitting in the smallest boxes. But don’t worry, if you think your cat is the only strange one, we’ve compiled a collection of funny tweets from @weirdlilguys that prove all cats are “weird little guys”. So, take a break from petting your furry friend and have a laugh. And if you want more eccentric cat content, be sure to check out our previous post. #1












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