How a Little Feline Named Mouse Completed Our Family Puzzle

Earlier this year, a small cat was found wandering the streets, feeling famished and lonely. An animal welfare advocate came across the kitty and brought him to the Wrenn Rescues Center in Los Angeles. Sadly, it was too late to save him.


When Mouse was only four weeks old, he weighed a mere 240 g. Erin and her son Chris, who both volunteer as foster carers, stepped in to lend a hand. According to Erin, the little feline was “overrun with fleas, recovering from eye issues, and grossly underfed.” He was nothing more than a tiny, bony frame that resembled a mouse in size.


We had to resort to using a syringe to feed the kitten since he had almost completely lost his appetite and refused to drink from a bottle. He had caught a cold and was under medication, which made him even more unwilling to eat. The process of gaining weight was quite slow, as we measured it in grams. But once the little guy bounced back, his true personality shone through. He would jump onto the man’s shoulders after every feeding and climb onto his handles for some affectionate petting.


With a loud purr, he used his paws to caress the soft and smooth blanket. Erin commented on his true personality shining through despite his small size. “Although he’s not tall, his personality makes up for it,” she said. The mouse has a remarkable trait of persistence and determination. He always bounces back after being knocked down and never gives up, seeing himself as someone bigger than his actual size.


As the young striped boy grew up, he developed a unique behavior of swinging back and forth on the weighing scales. He would jump out and then quickly climb back in to repeat the activity. Erin, who observed this behavior, remarked that he was very passionate about his antics. As he matured further, he now spends his evenings stretched out on an office chair, revealing that he has also grown taller.


The Mouse is an unpredictable character who always manages to keep us amused with his endless shenanigans. Erin shares that he has a vast collection of toys, both old and new, and often struggles to choose which one to play with. He even playfully takes the phone from my hand and energetically pounces on anything that moves, all while sporting an intense and mischievous gaze.


A feline owner receives assistance from her very own pet cat in the process of socializing a very active kitten. Red O’Malley, the cat, displays exceptional patience when dealing with a tabby kitten. He engages in playful antics with the little one and offers comfort by cuddling up close to keep him company. The kitten, who didn’t have any companionship earlier, seems to enjoy all the attention he gets from O’Malley. These two furry friends are often found dozing off while snuggled up together.


The little mouse is determined to lend a helping hand to his foster mom while she works remotely. He pounces out of nowhere and playfully nips at her fingers, making it clear that he’s staking his claim on the desk. He’ll even push aside the keyboard and mouse so he can park himself comfortably and keep an eye on things, acting like the regal rodent he is.


The Mouse’s energy levels seem to deplete only when he calls it a night. Although he has reached an average weight for his age, he still remains at the lowest bar. Despite this, Erin remarks that he continues to be his wacky self, bringing joy and laughter to their newly adopted children and themselves on a daily basis.


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