How a Stray Cat Found a Second Chance at Life Thanks to the Persistence of Caring People

A feline that was discovered wandering aimlessly outdoors encountered individuals who refused to abandon him. They transformed his existence.

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As Appa (or Sir Lewis, as he is now known) lounges in his cozy bed, it’s hard to believe that he was once a stray cat wandering on the side of the road. It was a dreary, rainy day when Radia and her mother spotted him just a few feet away from their house. Despite his bedraggled appearance, they knew they had to help him.

Radia immediately sprang into action, getting out of the car to check on the poor cat. Her mother rushed to grab a carrier to bring him home. But Appa was scared and took refuge under a nearby vehicle. It took lots of patience and some tasty treats, but eventually, the hungry cat emerged from hiding.

Now, Sir Lewis is living his best life, resting comfortably in his new home thanks to the kindness and compassion of Radia and her mother.

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On a rainy day, a feline was discovered outdoors and was promptly brought to the veterinarian for assessment. Fortunately, the cat stumbled upon the perfect location at the opportune moment. Sheeta and Co is a small volunteer-run animal rescue in Kuwait that Radia, her mother, and sister Zahraa established to aid stray animals in their vicinity.

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Sheeta and Co, a cat rescue organization, took care of a feline called Appa who was struggling with an eye infection and ear mites. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to locate a microchip or discover the identity of his owner. Sadly, this is a common occurrence in Kuwait, where pet abandonment is rampant. Zahraa, a member of Sheeta and Co, described Appa’s appearance as dirty and disheveled, likely due to his time spent wandering the streets alone. Despite their best efforts, no one ever came forward to claim him.

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Jen, who goes by the handle @pokeypotpie, shared that her family welcomed Appa into their abode. Upon his arrival, he seemed to be very reserved and kept his eyes closed most of the time. During his first few days in their care, he didn’t bother grooming himself and displayed no inclination towards playing. In fact, he hardly moved from his designated spot. Nonetheless, he was receptive to being petted and would purr in contentment whenever given attention.

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Jen, a user on Twitter with the handle @pokeypotpie, shared that their pet dog Appa was looking tired after roaming around outside. However, they tried to lift his spirits by giving him massages and even bought him a comb which he enjoyed. With the assurance of safety and comfort, Appa started seeking affection from people.

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Jen, also known as @pokeypotpie on social media, is a foster volunteer for City Kitties DC, an organization that collaborates with Sheeta and Co, a rescue group in the US, to provide loving homes for cats like Appa. When Appa arrived from overseas, along with Harvey, another rescue cat, Jen took the opportunity to care for him temporarily. With Harvey around, Appa’s playful side emerged, and he was soon prepared to start his search for his forever home.

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Alyson was scrolling through her social media feed when she stumbled upon a post about Appa, a lovable dog. She was immediately smitten with the charming pup and began following his journey from Kuwait to DC. When she found out that he was up for adoption, she wasted no time in submitting her application to give him a forever home. Alyson shared her heartfelt story with Love Meow.

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Alyson shared her story of falling in love with her furry friend. The moment she met Appa, she felt a strong connection and knew it was love at first sight. Appa reciprocated her feelings by snuggling up against her and purring gently while she caressed his cheeks. After a week, Alyson and her partner took Sir Lewis, formerly known as Appa, to his new home. He immediately adopted the place as his kingdom and settled in comfortably.

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Sir Lewis is a people’s cat, always wanting to be near them. Whenever he receives affection, he turns on his purring engine and even lies down on the floor to bask in all the love. When he takes his nap, he likes to cuddle up next to his human companions and ensures he touches them with his paw.

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Alyson’s furry companion, Sir Lewis, has a few favorite pastimes that bring him joy. In addition to catching some zzz’s, he loves a good cheek scratch and a game of tennis ball soccer. When it’s time to lend a paw in the office, Sir Lewis takes charge by commandeering the big chair or snuggling up on a laptop. He’s also perfected the art of the belly trap – a trick that always gets him some extra attention.

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Alyson expresses her delight in witnessing Sir Lewis’ personality unfold. She describes him as a playful and affectionate kitten who enjoys chasing toys. However, his demanding nature when it comes to food is evident from the grumpy meow he greets Alyson with every morning.

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Alyson shared that although Sir Lewis has encountered some health problems, they’re grateful that they can provide him with the love and attention he deserves. Thanks to the aid of rescuers and numerous volunteers, Sir Lewis is now enjoying a blissful life with the perfect family he’s always dreamt of having.

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