“Humorously Seeking Attention: The Quirky Antics of This Feline Companion”

Meet Bruno, a feline who enjoys getting petted while eating and is searching for a new home. Wright Way Rescue, a non-profit animal shelter located in Illinois, recently posted Bruno’s photo online. This unique cat is seven years old and has extra toes on his legs, also known as polydactyly. Bruno has a talent for posing for the camera and showing off his signature move. According to the shelter staff, Bruno stands like this when he wants to eat, and it is not a cause for concern. Bruno is simply a show-off. Watch the video of Bruno doing his signature move to see for yourself.

Bruno is currently overweight, which may have been the reason for his abandonment by his previous owners. The rescue representative stated that Bruno did not get along well with children at home, and his weight was another significant problem. Bruno is a lazy cat who craves attention and encourages people to participate in his signature move, hoping it will help him lose some weight and become more active.

Bruno enjoys playing with his toys, but he’s not too fond of people touching his big belly. The perfect owner for him should be mindful while he’s eating. Bruno loves receiving pets during mealtime and prefers to drink water in a separate room from the kitchen or anywhere near his food. While it may seem odd, this behavior is actually quite normal among cats.

Bruno’s adorable manner of speaking has garnered a lot of attention on Facebook. Let’s hope he finds a new loving home very soon.

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