Introducing Bustopher Jones: The Maine Coon Feline Who Lives to Dazzle

As someone who adores cats, I appreciate all felines, but there’s just something about the Maine Coon breed that exudes a regal aura. These cats are known for their grandiose whiskers and their majestic fur that never fails to leave us cat enthusiasts in awe. In Australia, one notable Maine Coon cat by the name of Bustopher Jones stands out among his peers with his stunning appearance and photogenic allure. Fortunately, his cat mom happens to be a friend of mine, and I requested permission to introduce this magnificent feline to the readers of CattitudeDaily. To my delight, she agreed. So, without further ado, allow me to present to you Bustopher Jones: The Maine Coon cat that captures hearts with ease!

What is the story behind the name Bustopher Jones?
Our love for the musical CATS led us to name our Tuxedo Maine Coon Bustopher Jones. This name was inspired by the character in the musical, known for being larger than life and indulgent. However, our cat’s personality and demeanor are quite different from the character in the musical. While he is a sizable cat at 22 lbs and still growing, he is incredibly agile and has a discerning palate, preferring only grass-fed beef.

It’s common knowledge that Bustopher Jones is a suave tuxedo cat, but does he have the attitude to match? Let me tell you, he sure does! This fluffy feline may be affectionate and loving, showering us with kisses and nibbles, but he also has a playful and cunning side. Bustopher loves to perch on our shoulders like a pirate’s parrot, and we can’t help but chuckle at his mischievous behavior. So, to answer the question – yes, Bustopher Jones definitely has cattitude!

How would you describe his character?
Bustopher Jones possesses a gentle and affectionate nature, devoid of any malicious intent. His loving demeanor is irresistible, compelling people to shower him with hugs and kisses whenever they’re around him. It’s not surprising that he was the one chosen for having an enormous personality in his litter; he embodies it entirely.

Did you notice when he became photogenic?
Although Bustopher Jones appears to love the camera, he’s actually camera-shy, and most of the pictures are taken when he’s caught off-guard. Despite this, his long, lustrous coat gives him an air of grandeur, lending itself well to the majestic images captured.

Does he live with other animals?
Bustopher Jones shares a home with three Maine Coons, including his cousin Matoskah, who is a massive 26lbs, and a domestic rescue cat. Unfortunately, Bustopher Jones and Biggie Smalls have been at odds since the former began to grow in size. However, we believe it is due to a territorial dispute, and we monitor their interactions closely as Bustopher Jones is more inclined towards affection than aggression.

Can you tell us about Bustopher Jones’ hobbies?
Bustopher Jones loves to ride on his owner’s back, watch water run down the drain from the washing machine, play with his toy fish, and give smooches whenever he gets the chance.

What makes Bustopher Jones unique and special?
Out of all the cats his owner has had, Bustopher Jones stands out as the most intuitive, loving, and sensitive. His charm, good looks, and amazing personality make him like a movie star in a cat suit.

A big thank you goes to Bustopher’s cat mom, Cheri, for allowing us to share his story and pictures. If you’re a fan of tuxedo cats like Bustopher, don’t forget to join the Tuxedo Cat Lovers Group on Facebook for more adorable photos.

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