Introducing Paws: The One-of-a-Kind Polydactyl Feline with 28 Toes that Captivates Everyone

Introducing you to Paws, the unique polydactyl feline with an astonishing 28 toes. With three extra toes on each of her front paws and one extra toe on each of her back paws, she has been nominated for the Guinness World Records title for the most toes on a cat. Hailing from Minnesota, this adorable kitty stunned cat enthusiasts across the globe when her pictures went viral online. Unlike most cats that have 20 toes collectively, Paws was born with an impressive 28 toes!

It’s common for cats to have 20 toes on all four paws, but Paws has a unique feature – three extra toes on each front paw and one extra on each back paw. This is known as polydactyly, which is a congenital condition that causes extra digits. Paws’ owner, Jeanne Martin from Northfield, finds Paws’ extra toes quite useful and thinks it adds to their beauty. While it’s not a medical issue, Paws certainly stands out with their extra “toe beans.”

According to Martin, her cat Paws has front paws that resemble a catcher’s mitt, and the additional digits on them assist Paws in gripping narrow surfaces. Paws was saved by Walter Nachtigall, Jeanne’s daughter’s partner, at his maple syrup farm close to Cokato. Every time Paws goes to the veterinarian to get her claws clipped, Jeanne reminds them to ensure that they trim all 28 claws, and they never charge her extra.

Polydactyl felines, commonly referred to as “Hemingway cats,” were named after the famous American writer who owned one at his Key West residence. Sailors also believed that having a cat with extra toes brought good fortune while at sea.

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