Janelle Reveals Logan & Michelle’s SECRET Reason For Not Having Kids!

How do you feel about not having children who are your flesh and blood? For Logan and Michelle Brown, it’s a personal choice they don’t share with many. They are part of the famous Brown family from TLC’s hit show Sister Wives, which supports polygamy and has featured a family of many kids. But unlike their parents, Logan and Michelle have chosen to remain childless, despite the former coming from a large family of 18 siblings. Why have they made this decision, and what does it mean for their relationship? Continue reading to explore the secret reason for Logan and Michelle’s choice not to have kids and how it affects their family dynamics, personal goals, and happiness.

Sister Wives: Logan Michelle’s Secret to Happiness Without Kids

Logan Brown is the eldest son of Kody and Janelle Brown from TLC’s hit show Sister Wives. He married his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Petty, in a beautiful ceremony last October. Since then, the couple seems to be living their happily ever after. But there is one thing that fans of the show have been wondering about: why haven’t Logan and Michelle had any children yet? After all, Logan comes from a large family of 18 siblings, and his parents were part of a plural marriage arrangement. Indeed, he must wish to follow in their footsteps and start his big family, right?

Well, not exactly. Logan’s mom, Janelle Brown, recently showed fans a glimpse of the couple’s life on Instagram. She posted a video of him holding one of Mykelti’s twins asleep on his shoulder while he danced with a beer jug. The Sister Wives stared also shared photos of them bonding with the babies at Gwendlyn’s wedding. Janelle captioned the posts praising Logan and Michelle, calling him the “funcle” award winner. She added: “Logan and Michelle don’t want kids, but they will be the best aunt and uncle ever.”


Viewers expressed that seeing a couple who didn’t feel pressured to have children was refreshing. One fan wrote: “Let’s normalize not asking couples when they will have kids! Another fan replied: Let people enjoy the children in their family and have some privacy! If you don’t like it, keep scrolling!”

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