Journey of a Rescued Canine: Overcoming a Severe Stomach Injury to Find Love and a Fresh Start in Life

The loyalty of puppies is truly remarkable, as they can withstand mistreatment from even the smallest creatures who would consider humans to be superior. This particular puppy, like many others, showed great resilience by enduring the abuse of its owner without breaking its faithful bond with them.

Meet Antonio, a hybrid with beautiful golden locks. Unfortunately, he was subjected to ill-treatment and left in a corner of a building. Even though some neighbors noticed him lying on the ground, they didn’t take any action to find out what happened to him. Several hours later, Antonio was still there, motionless.

Encountering a similar scenario, an individual had a gut feeling that the pup was in distress. Moreover, the fact that no one returned for the dog set off an internal alarm. Consequently, this incident was included in the reports received by Hope For Paws.

Eldad and Loreta, along with one of their volunteers, were responsible for relocating to Antonio’s abandoned location. Upon arrival, they took great care to approach the area cautiously and set up a fence to prevent the puppy from escaping. However, despite their efforts, the little pooch remained motionless.

Antonio was in a state of confusion and fear, making it difficult for the rescuers to help him. The way he acted made them suspicious, but thankfully the dog didn’t show any aggression towards them.
Slowly but surely, they earned his trust and were able to calm him down before taking him to a secure location.

After being rescued, Antonio was taken to a veterinary clinic where Dr. Pedraza examined him. It was revealed that Antonio had internal injuries which caused him immense pain while moving. Further investigations were conducted and it was discovered that the severity of the injury ruled out the possibility of being run over by a vehicle. Shockingly, it was concluded that someone had caused the damage. The signs indicated that the same person who had abandoned Antonio could have been responsible for the injuries.

Antonio suffered from internal bleeding caused by damage to his liver and spleen. He was fortunate to have been rescued before it was too late. Had he not been found on that deserted street, he may not have survived.

This cute little creature experienced a terrible ordeal, but his fortunes turned around when he received the best medical treatment and care from a fantastic team. Once the surgery was over, Antonio was entrusted to The Little Red Dog who tirelessly worked to help him recover and showered him with all the love and affection he needed to overcome his traumatic past.

While spending time with the puppy, the caretakers observed its exceptional loyalty and noble character. It’s truly unfortunate that the puppy was mistreated by someone, and kudos to kind-hearted Antonio for his patience in caring for the pup.

Thankfully, the adorable poodle won’t have to go back to his former neglectful owners. In addition to making a full recovery, he has found a loving new family who have promised to care for him forever. The foundation responsible for rescuing him is dedicated to ensuring that all rescued dogs remain safe and well-cared for. Their unwavering dedication to their cause is truly inspiring and we are proud to support their efforts. Congratulations to Antonio, who can now happily roam around on his own four paws!

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