Joyous Tears Shed as Lifelong Tumor is Finally Removed through Surgery

As Nina arrived at Wright Way Rescue, she had a heartwrenching tale of cruelty from North Memphis. The poor soul had been living with a huge 13lb tumor on her abdomen and two smaller tumors on her left mammary chain that had been causing her immense suffering. It was only after undergoing surgery that Nina could finally shed tears of relief, knowing that the giant tumor that had haunted her all her life had finally been removed.

The poor pup was quite skinny, running a high fever and had a nasty skin infection on her hindquarters and tail. The surgery preparation was quite nerve-wracking as every passing day amplified the likelihood of the tumor rupturing.

It was important to ensure that the appropriate veterinary experts were consulted and that all necessary testing and pre-operative care were provided. Additionally, the doctors needed to increase her weight in order for her to withstand the anesthesia. These efforts aimed to increase her chances of surviving a surgery that carried a significant risk of blood loss and mortality. The good news is that these measures paid off, and she successfully made it through the procedure.

On the 8th of December, Nina underwent a significant operation and fortunately recovered well. Following her recovery period, she was placed in the care of one of Wright-Way’s exceptional medical foster households, where she has thrived! The test results from the post-surgery biopsy showed that the smaller tumors were non-cancerous, while the larger one was identified as a soft tissue sarcoma, which was not a surprise.

Nina’s progress is looking positive, and she will soon be ready to be placed in her forever home. It’s a relief that Nina now has a loving family who provides her with the care and love she deserves.

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