Left for Dead: A Young Girl’s Rescue from an Ant Swarm in a Lonely Field

Pitiful Animal Phoenix has rescued many animals, but Phoenix was one of the worst cases they’ve seen. The rescue team found her in a dire state, lying all by herself in an empty meadow. She had a frail body and was in urgent need of help.

Her feet were swarming with countless bugs, and an army of ants feasted on her flesh. She was unable to stand or even move, crying out in pain. Despite being in plain sight on the sidewalk, nobody acknowledged her presence.

The rescuer was perplexed by how heartless people were towards a visibly distressed dog. Without hesitation, they cleared away the ants that had crawled onto Phoenix’s body and offered some food, but to no avail as the pup refused to eat. Without wasting any time, the rescuer took Phoenix into their car and drove straight to the hospital.

Upon being evaluated by medical professionals, they concluded that she may have a pelvic fracture and possible malignancy. Additionally, she was experiencing severe coldness, malnourishment, and anemia. Phoenix underwent two tests and fortunately, both tests yielded negative results.

Initially, medical professionals administered medication and serum infusion to regulate Phoenix’s body temperature. However, as time passed, they opted for a more sustainable solution by utilizing blankets and heat. Unfortunately, it appeared that Phoenix suffered from nerve damage, which made it impossible for her to control her movements and led to frequent convulsions.

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