Lonely and Longing: The Story of a Devoted Dog Left Behind by its Owner’s Passing

Life can be tough for stray dogs, and some can become so traumatized that they lose their ability to trust others. These poor animals often cower in fear when humans approach, unsure if they’ll be harmed or not. It’s a heartbreaking situation because every animal deserves to feel loved and valued.
Luckily, there are organizations filled with compassionate people who devote themselves to rescuing homeless pets in need of help and affection.

Amber, a little pooch, had been dealt a tough hand by life. Her owner’s demise left her feeling dejected and forsaken. The helpless dog was left to fend for herself in the empty house for several months.

Amber had major trust issues when Howl Of A Dog came to her aid. The rescue team was alerted after spotting a dog residing in the yard of a deserted property. Amber was too scared to interact with them, but the determined rescuers didn’t give up easily.

Their determination to save Amber knew no bounds. Although it was a bit challenging, they eventually succeeded in bringing the three-year-old canine inside the home and securing her.

When Amber was discovered, she was not in the best condition. Her fur was infested with ticks and she was suffering from Babesiosis. Luckily, she was able to receive the necessary medical treatment and was taken care of by capable individuals.

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