Lost and Alone: A Tale of Fear, Hunger, Disease, and Alienation

Have you come across a unique-looking dog before? It’s peculiar how people steer clear of him due to fear of his appearance. The poor pup has been through a lot – his tiny body is covered in wounds, and he often vomits for no apparent reason.
Initially, the dog was scared of the rescuers and would shy away. However, food proved to be the key to his heart, bringing him closer to them.
The little guy was incredibly hungry, devouring his meals quickly. He was weak and severely anemic, and even identifying his blood type proved to be challenging.

The Vet was in a hurry, trying to beat the clock. The little guy had a nasty worm infestation and was covered in ticks, weighing only 6kg. Although the worst was behind them, there were still many obstacles to overcome, and the Vet hoped he wouldn’t give up too easily. The bath transformed him into a new animal, but his inflamed digestive tract posed a difficult problem.

The issue with the worms and ticks was taken care of, however, the problem with the infection persisted. He was feeling extremely tired and just wanted to catch some sleep.

After a full ten days of non-stop efforts, his prayers were finally answered and he was able to return home. One aspect of his home that caught his attention in particular was the cats. Thanks to the nourishing food he had received during his time away, he felt stronger than ever before and was excited to explore every corner of his familiar abode.

The world was full of new experiences for this particular dog, and he never seemed to have a moment to spare. It’s possible that he had yet to find a true friend to share in his adventures.

Each passing day, we witness a remarkable transformation in him as he has gained weight from 6 to 12 kg. Vito’s appearance has significantly improved, and he radiates joy and happiness that is nothing short of miraculous.

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