Loyal Pit Bull Saves Owner’s Life and Refuses to Leave Her Side at the Hospital

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the best things that can happen to us. They provide us with unconditional love, comfort and joy which makes our lives much better. Shauna Darcy’s furry friend, Ruby, not only made her life happier but also played a significant role in saving her life. Initially, Darcy had trouble dealing with anxiety, depression and agoraphobia and hoped that a service dog could help her. Fortunately, Ruby proved to be an excellent companion, bringing comfort and support to Darcy. However, what they didn’t expect was that Ruby’s love for Darcy would eventually become a lifesaver.

During her service dog training, Ruby began to notice something concerning. According to Darcy, Ruby started sensing changes in her heart rate and responding in unusual ways such as pawing at her, trying to grab her attention, and even climbing on top of her.

Darcy didn’t take Ruby’s concerns lightly and decided to take her to the doctor. The diagnosis was quite severe, as Shauna had a rare heart condition called vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that could potentially be fatal. Despite this setback, Ruby’s influence on Darcy’s life continued to be significant.

Ruby’s training has been adjusted to cater to her mother’s heart problems. Ruby now assists her mother in retrieving her medications and regularly checking her heart rate. Recently, Ruby has been alerting Darcy when something is wrong. Even though Darcy felt fine, she trusted Ruby and called for an ambulance. This decision proved to be life-saving since Darcy was barely conscious and in excruciating pain when she arrived at the hospital. Her heart had gone into atrial fibrillation, which causes the heart rate to become abnormally high.

As the medical professionals attended to Darcy, Ruby steadfastly remained by her mother’s bedside. Even when Darcy was unconscious, Ruby would snuggle up next to her in the hospital bed, understanding that her mother needed her comfort and encouragement. Darcy recognizes how fortunate she is to have such a wonderful companion in Ruby and is deeply appreciative of her pup’s unwavering loyalty. With Ruby at her side, Darcy feels secure and protected, knowing that her faithful friend will never leave her side.

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