Meet Dobby: The Hairless Cat Who Loves Taking Selfies Like the Iconic Harry Potter Character

Meet Mr Dobbs, a charming one-year-old feline of the Ukrainian Levkoy breed who currently resides in New York. He is affectionately referred to as Dobby by his doting owner, Nicole. The inspiration behind this name comes from the popular character in the Harry Potter series due to Mr Dobbs’ unique feature of not having any fur, just like Dobby the house elf. Nicole adopted him after struggling with allergies and wanting a cat that would not trigger them. She stumbled upon this fascinating breed and was immediately smitten. When she first got him, he was so small that the nurses had to keep him warm inside old socks, which reminded her of how Dobby was treated in the Harry Potter series. It turns out that Mr Dobbs loves being in front of the camera, and playing with the camera strap is one of his favourite activities. Nicole enjoys dressing him up in cute outfits and capturing adorable pictures of her furry friend.

Mr Dobbs, or Dobby as he is otherwise known, is a one-year-old Ukrainian Levkoy cat that lives with owner Nicole in her Upper West Side apartment in New York

Introducing Mr. Dobbs, a charming cat also known as Dobby. This Ukrainian Levkoy kitty is a year old and lives blissfully with his owner, Nicole, in her snug apartment in the lively Upper West Side of NYC.

Nicole shared that her decision to adopt a hairless feline was motivated by her realization that she was allergic to the fur of typical cats. It was only after this revelation that she came across Mr Dobbs, who captured her heart in October of the previous year.

When picking a moniker for her latest feline addition, she ultimately decided on Dobby after the endearing house elf persona from the Harry Potter saga. The name also felt appropriate given that, as a kitten, Dobby was snuggled up in used socks – much like the present that Harry gave to free Dobby from servitude in the books.

Nicole’s cat Dobby is a big fan of selfies, but not for the reasons one might think. He enjoys playing with the strap attached to Nicole’s camera while she takes his pictures. The name Dobby was chosen because he reminded Nicole of the character from Harry Potter. From the beginning, Dobby was more engaged with humans than his littermates, and he quickly became the focus of Nicole’s affection. She loves to share photos of him online, and her followers always find them adorable and entertaining. Dobby’s early years were spent wearing old socks, which only added to his charm. Whenever Nicole takes pictures, Dobby tries to grab the camera’s wrist-strap and occasionally goes for feathers or even attempts to eat her phone. At home, Dobby loves to watch New York City from the window, but he can get quite demanding when he wants attention. In 2016, when Nicole felt that something was missing from her life, she decided to adopt Dobby.

Like all photogenic pets these days, Mr Dobbs has his own profiles on social media where Nicole posts the best of his snaps

With social media being a huge part of our lives nowadays, it’s not uncommon for pets to have their own online persona. One adorable example is Mr Dobbs, who has his very own profile where his owner, Nicole, shares all his adorable moments captured on camera.

Dobby, the charming little dog, is captured in two different poses in this image. In the first one, he can be seen playing with the strap that is attached to Nicole’s phone, while in the second one, he appears to be reaching for the same strap, creating a hilarious illusion of him taking a selfie.

Nicole wants to have Mr Dobbs trained as a therapy pet so that he can go to libraries where children will read to him and strengthen their reading skills

Nicole has a strong aspiration to train Mr. Dobbs to become a therapy animal. Her ultimate objective is to bring him to libraries where children can read books to him, thereby enhancing their literacy skills.

Nicole had a strong desire to have a cat, but her allergies made this impossible. Determined to find a solution, she researched different breeds that were suitable for allergy sufferers. After careful consideration, she discovered that sphynx, peterbalds, donskoys, and low-dander saliva producing cats are the way to go. To determine whether or not she could handle having one of these feline friends, Nicole paid a visit to a breeder where she met Mr. Dobbs, an adorable Ukrainian Levkoy. Since taking him home, she’s noticed a positive change in herself and hopes to train him as a therapy pet. While these breeds are highly recommended for allergy sufferers, proper grooming is still a must, and some individuals may still experience allergic reactions. Nevertheless, Nicole is overjoyed to have found a way to enjoy the company of a furry friend without compromising her health.

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