“Meet Kitzia: The Feline Sensation Winning Hearts as the Internet’s Beloved Grump”

Are you still feeling sad about the loss of the famous Grumpy Cat? We understand, but we need to move on and explore new grumpy faces. Kitzia, a cat residing in Florida, might be the closest contender for the throne of the new grumpy cat.
Owned by Viktoria Otdielnova, Kitzia is an oddly named cat that means “kitty” in Ukrainian. Viktoria and her grumpy feline have been living in the USA for 6 years. Recently, Viktoria posted Kitzia’s pictures online, and to her surprise, they went viral.
Kitzia now has almost 45K followers on Instagram and is a real grumpy cat. It might even look grumpier and angrier than Tardar Sauce, the original grumpy cat. But we’ll let you be the judge of that. Check out the pictures and see for yourself.
Kitzia became an instant Internet sensation, and Viktoria admits that she never expected it to happen. She thought people would find Kitzia’s grumpy face and attitude amusing. Almost 50K followers seem to agree.
What do you think? Is Kitzia the new ruler of grumpy cats?

Rewritten: The social media handle “grumpy_kitzia” has posted some interesting content worth checking out.

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