“Meet Red, the Adorable Maine Coon Kitten with Crossed Eyes that Will Steal Your Heart”

Red the cross-eyed kitten

In the UK, a Maine Coon cat breeder named Rebecca Hardy was thrilled when her two-year-old cat, Mahri, gave birth to seven kittens last December. As the kittens matured and began to open their eyes, Rebecca noticed that all of them had a condition called convergent strabismus, which caused their pupils to turn towards their noses. Although six of the kittens eventually corrected this issue as their muscles strengthened, one kitten continued to have the condition. This special kitten has since been named Red, and despite the condition, is thriving. Red is known for his charming personality and playful demeanor, and is adored by everyone who meets him.

Red now

Oh, how cute! (Photo credit: Cattery Maine Coons UK / SWNS)

Rebecca and Red

Red as a small kitten

As a wee kitten, this lovable feline (pictured by Cattery Maine Coons UK / SWNS) won over the affection of everyone who laid eyes on her.

Red the kitten

The feline from Cattery Maine Coons UK displays remarkable self-assurance despite its crossed eyes, as noted by the individual who shared the picture. On December 18th, Rebecca and her four-year-old son Eli spent a considerable amount of time bringing the kittens into the world. However, a few weeks later, the mother noticed that their eyes had issues. The kittens’ eyes opened at approximately one-and-a-half weeks old, and all of them showed signs of being cross-eyed because their muscles had not yet developed. While this is not a common occurrence, it is harmless and rather charming. Rebecca claims that they had observed it in their previous litter too. It wasn’t until the sixth or seventh week that the family realized that the little boy’s eyes would not straighten out, unlike everyone else’s whose eyes had corrected themselves by the fourth week.

Red the kitten grown up

Red, a Maine Coon kitten, has proven to be the largest of his litter, tipping the scales at a whopping 2.2kg when he was just 12 weeks old. Despite having crossed eyes, his owner, Rebecca, adores his amazing personality. Red is famous for yelling at Rebecca whenever she touches any other kittens, and he even jumps on her back to perch like a parrot. Thanks to his charming demeanor, he was the first one in his litter to find his forever home. While many people may prefer flawless kittens, Rebecca firmly believes that Red’s unique qualities make him the most exceptional kitten of them all.

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