Meet the Adorable Dog with Soft Mickey Mouse-Like Ears

It’s amazing how two different dog breeds can combine to create an adorable new furry companion. A particular crossbreed has captured the hearts of many on the internet with its endearing, oversized ears that often draw comparisons to the beloved cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. Named Goma, this charming dog has become an online sensation, standing out from a crowd of popular breeds like labradoodles, goldendoodles, cockapoos, and puggles. Truly, Goma’s unique appearance is unlike any other!

Say hello to Goma, an extraordinary pup that is a cross between a Maltese and a Papillon. What makes this little canine stand out are her unique ears that look like sesame seeds. With a charming appearance like hers, it is no surprise that Goma has amassed a whopping 75,000 followers on Instagram. Her adorable looks even caught the attention of Vogue, featuring on the fashion magazine’s Korean Instagram page before becoming famous in America. Fans lovingly refer to her as the “Mickey Mouse dog” due to her distinct features. Goma’s proud owners created an Instagram account for her in April 2016 when she was two years old. Since then, they have been sharing delightful snapshots of their furry friend dressed in various cute outfits every few days.

The minute you lay eyes on her, you’ll understand why everyone is talking about her! She exudes an irresistible charm that has won over numerous fans…

Goma’s ears are absolutely charming, resembling the ears of either a koala bear or Mickey Mouse. It’s not surprising that we can’t resist adoring them!

Goma is a cheerful pup who calls Tokyo home. She’s adored by her affectionate owners and loves nothing more than venturing out to see the sights of the bustling city from the comfort of her snug backpack.

Her caretakers have a soft spot for dressing her up in cute outfits, like this stylish kimono.

Despite having nothing but her fluffy white coat, she still manages to maintain an irresistible charm.

There are numerous admirers of hers, who follow her on a regular basis. Her fan base keeps expanding, and she presently has more than 109,000 followers on Instagram. She has the ability to attract new fans every single day.

The cuteness of this face is too hard to resist, and our obsession with it just keeps growing!

In case you were wondering, her tail is extremely fluffy and adorable as well.

This pup seems to have gotten the best of both worlds from her mixed breed parents. She’s got perky ears like a Papillion, but they’re also rounded like a Maltese’s.

She shines with unparalleled radiance, even against the backdrop of Japan’s famous cherry blossom trees.

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