“Midnight Heroes: Volunteers save trapped cat and kittens from building”

Four helpful individuals undertook a challenging rescue mission in the dead of night after receiving a distress call about a mother cat and her four stranded kittens under a building. However, reuniting the feline family turned out to be an even more demanding task.


A group of compassionate individuals came to the rescue of a mother cat and her four kittens who were trapped under a residential building in Monza, close to Milan. The incident occurred on Thursday, October 13. The concerned residents of Valsugana street noticed the feline family stuck in a hole under the ground floor balcony and immediately sought help. After the rescue, the mother cat and her kittens received the necessary care and attention they needed.


Lara, a representative of the ENPA (the National Organization for the Protection of Animals), along with three volunteers named Milena, Daria, and Elena, responded to a call about a group of abandoned kittens. Despite facing some challenges, they successfully rescued the kittens, who were around three weeks old, from under a balcony. Unfortunately, they were unable to locate the mother cat at the time. After leaving the area in the middle of the night, they set up a trap with food in hopes of capturing the mother cat and reuniting her with her young. The kittens were then taken to a shelter and cared for until their mother was found the following day.

The following day, the group of volunteers returned to check on the cat and discovered that she was safe and sound inside her enclosure. They then took her to the shelter, where her litter of kittens eagerly awaited her arrival. Finally, the family was reunited and whole once more.

Polentina, the loving mother cat, had four adorable kittens – two boys and two girls – whom she named Ragù, Pesto, Norma, and Gricia. Once they reach an appropriate age, the kittens will be ready for adoption and find their forever homes just like their doting mother.

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