One Man’s Mission: Rescuing 20 Abandoned Kittens from the Streets of Hunger and Despair

Andrei Gorshunov, a resident of Yekaterinburg, experienced an unexpected turn of events that he never could have imagined. As he was walking home from work one day, he heard a faint, sorrowful cry coming from the bushes near a bus stop. Curious to investigate, he approached the bushes and stumbled upon a box filled with tiny kittens. At first, he only saw two of them and immediately picked one up while the other retreated further into the foliage due to the passing traffic. However, as he continued to explore, he discovered the box was overflowing with kittens.


As the young man was still trying to compose himself, a vehicle pulled up right beside him. It was later revealed that the driver had sought refuge in that spot to avoid getting caught by the traffic police. The driver’s attention was also piqued by an intriguing box that caught his eye, causing a similar look of astonishment on his face. Without thinking twice, the driver kindly offered Andrey and the children a lift back home. Upon opening the box, the young man discovered 18 adorable furry creatures, all in need of sustenance, hydration, and nurturing.

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Unable to catch a single kitten, he revisited the spot later and was surprised to find three kittens staring back at him with their big eyes.


Gorshunov recounted that he ended up with 21 adorable kittens at his doorstep. He took it upon himself to feed and care for them, but noticed that three of them were not as lively as the others. Concerned, he decided to bring them to a veterinary clinic for further examination. It was there that they discovered the kittens had contracted a serious illness known as panleukopenia – or cat distemper, which could be fatal. The vet also warned that since the kittens were in contact with each other, it was highly probable that they all carried the infection.

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The kittens are in dire need of assistance as their survival is at stake. Andrei has taken the initiative to start a fundraiser on social media for their treatment. Through his efforts, he has managed to raise 45 thousand rubles, of which 15 thousand have been utilized for medical care of some of the kittens. Some friends have already adopted six of them, and Andrei is personally taking care of the others by taking them to a clinic. He emphasizes that they require professional attention and still needs to collect another 30 thousand rubles for their complete treatment.

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If you have a heart for helping those less fortunate, there are actions you can take to make a difference in their lives.

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